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Cesc won’t be at Arsenal for life

is aware of how most Spanish-native players have personal dreams of
playing for their nation’s two paramount clubs – Real Madrid and

Last year, Cesc vowed to stay only if Wenger does, and that meant a
warning that he will not be at Arsenal forever, because neither will

Many fans who never knew that should take note. It’s not a surprise,
and of course, something that should be kept in mind, that one day,
whether sooner or later, Cesc Fabregas will face the exit door too.

The Spaniard uttered a reminder earlier today about that possibility
– claiming even though this is not the time to join “the whites”, his
dream to move on, Wenger’s eventual step down, added by another barren
season will ensure he packs his bags and make his way out of North

“I didn’t tell Ramon Calderon no. I told him that now wasn’t the time to go to Madrid” he said

“That you are wanted by Madrid, one of the biggest teams in history, is important.”

Fabregas enjoyed a great summer as he helped Spain end their 44-year
wait for a trophy at Euro 2008. He will be keen to aid Arsenal too out
of their 3-year patience.Domestically, the midfielder ended yet another
season empty-handed.

And the young star, who feels he would be certain to lift a trophy
should he opt for Real Madrid, admits another season without any
silverware at Arsenal could see him say goodbye.

“To be four seasons without winning any titles would be too much for me,” Fabregas added.

“Real Madrid are the favourites to win La Liga this year.”

Arsenal’s trophy-less season was made even more painful as rivals
Manchester United swept all before them at home and in Europe.

Fabregas is in no doubt that the man who made the difference for United would be a big success at the Bernabeu.

“The league and the Champions League that United won this season
was because of Cristiano,” he continued. “At Madrid he would help them
win titles.”

All this emphasizes on one inevitable factor, trust it or not, Cesc
Fabregas will not remain an Arsenal player for the rest of his career.

One comment on “Cesc won’t be at Arsenal for life

  1. I would be sad to see Cesc go, he’s my favourite player and an excellent midfielder for Arsenal

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