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Adebayor makes commitment

It is forgotten now, all the day to day talks of Adebayor soon being a Milan or Barcelona player. At some point, it looked as if the Togolese striker had already said goodbye and we would call him “former” in no time.

Other times, the pile of hearsays around Adebayor even rivaled Ronaldo’s king of summer sagas. But just into August, the man himself came out to clarify things – that he was staying after all. Only he and those close to him know what he demanded, but obviously the best bet will be a little increase in his weekly salary.

Undeniably, the lanky forward who bagged 30 goals last season deserved to earn something equivalent to his peers in the top players category and he has got it now.

The agreement was reached weeks ago, but Arsenal confirmed today that Emmanuel Adebayor is going no where, and that, he has signed a new 3-year extension to his contract, including a £60,000-80,000 wage-rise.

Many will remember it was only last summer that Adebayor renewed his contract – another one after just over 12 months is not logical, but whatever this new contract serves, whether a pay-rise or not, Arsenal fans will only care such a player is kept at the club.


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