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Preview: Arsenal vs Kyiv (with photos from training)

By Randy Osae


Emirates Stadium

Gallas’ public revealing of potential disharmony among Arsenal’s squad is what possibly led to the end of his captaincy. That togetherness factor has become an issue since then, and every single social move and body language of Arsenal players are studied these days.

Below are interesting snap-shots of the Gunners’ training session on Monday afternoon ahead of the crunch Champions League meeting with Dynamo Kyiv. Arsenal have little room for set-backs now, and victory on Tuesday night will ensure some European optimism in north London.

Enjoy these pictures!!

https://i1.wp.com/c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/10/l_301655040968434b9c33b2cce497598a.jpg https://i1.wp.com/c4.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/5/l_6a092fb3b3ee4e9b8b6d196dbee43f83.jpg

https://i0.wp.com/c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/43/l_cdfb7c60ccc24564b835990d089da51e.jpg https://i2.wp.com/c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/23/l_058ccc52f0984c499b78e4ed32e5332a.jpg

https://i0.wp.com/c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/58/l_191cc6f42b224227964811f60ecc0721.jpg https://i1.wp.com/c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/38/l_4f8cc525759c4ae5b8c4acf970b0cea1.jpg

https://i0.wp.com/c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/21/l_02e3fec98a4d471882b7b1a721ee6e99.jpg https://i1.wp.com/c1.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/47/l_f70423db17d94062b7a86a9ab8fdebcc.jpg


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