Villa better than Arsenal to former Spurs boss, Diarra to gift old club

By Randy Osae

Jol had several fierce clashes with the Gunners

Jol had fierce clashes with Arsenal

Quite unnecessary in revealing, Tottenham’s former boss Martin Jol has urged Aston Villa to remain ahead of Arsenal at fourth place on the Premier League table.

The 52 year-old who saw his Hamburg side humble Villa in the FA Cup on Wednesday night has expressed his support behind the Villans in depriving Arsenal a spot in next year’s Champions League.

Martin Jol failed to taste a victory over the Gunners during his tenure at Spurs, but has not relinquished the intent of rivalry he gained in his north London days.

Indeed, he also insists Aston Villa’s quality now surpasses that of Arsene Wenger’s men.

“The first-team of Aston Villa are better than Arsenal and next season Villa will be playing in the Champions League. They have a very clever manager and Villa are perhaps one of the best teams in England.

“They have got the talent, as we had a couple of years ago at Spurs, and the future is for them.

“You need a bit of luck as well but Arsenal are not doing as well and Villa can get into that top four.

Quite an opinion.

Made a handful of appearances for Arsenal

Made a handful of appearances for Arsenal

In other news, former Gunner Lassana Diarra’s proposed move to Real Madrid will see Arsenal earn a 25% part-payment from whatever transfer fee Portsmouth are paid.

Diarra’s January exit has been rued in respect of the squad’s capability, but a potential £5 million income just for including a sell-on clause during his sale 11 months ago could serve as some compensation.

That will add to Arsenal’s budget as the opening of the new transfer window edges close.

5 comments on “Villa better than Arsenal to former Spurs boss, Diarra to gift old club

  1. Nah, I think arsenal will come back into the top 3, our players have the mental thinking of a winning team, all they need to do is make goals out of the incredible chances they get, Eduardos Comeback overjoyed me, even though it will take time for him to be fully fit and person 200%. Then we can start getting business done.

  2. Me too. But let’s not lay back and feel like there’s a divine power of us not finishing where we are or lower. This is one hell of an absurd season upon us.

  3. great website randy, the lack of depth in the squad is really hurting us denilson and diaby both have great potential but neither of them are wingers, just one last cheeky comment when did hamburg enter the FA cup lol

  4. I think they did kyle, Yea i think if ARsenal REALLY REALLY want the title, They have to walk the walk and not just talk the talk:P I think this season will proove how bad arsenal want silverware.

  5. Cheers Kyle. Both you and Anto are right on that point.

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