Custom Arsenal TV viewer Henry still believes in Gunners

A supportive Arsenal legend

A supportive Arsenal legend

By Randy Osae

Thierry Henry might be a former Arsenal talisman now seeing out the twilight of his career elsewhere, but in fact, the  club’s all-time highest scorer is also one of the most optimistic gooners you will ever come across.

The French man who has always kept loud his love for his former club is one of very few personalities – other than Wenger of course – to publicly insist Arsenal are no title outsiders.

“Where Arsenal are concerned I always speak with my heart before my head. Everyone has been having a go at Arsenal but The Premier League is very competitive and not easy for anyone.

“They are still in the race. It will be difficult of course because it’s better to be eight points ahead than eight points behind as Arsenal are at the moment, but it could be five after Sunday if they beat Liverpool.

Indeed, Thierry was in a very revealing mood during his recent interview that he lifted the lid on his idleness off the pitch. And one of them is never missing an Arsenal game whether live or pre-aired – perhaps the priority of a hardcore gooner.

“I watch every Arsenal game either live or recorded and I have Arsenal TV, too. I will definitely be watching the Liverpool game and hope they win. I’m still an Arsenal fan and always will be for the rest of my life.

“You don’t spend eight years somewhere and not bother about them anymore. I’m proud I played for one of the best teams in the world, and maybe the greatest in terms of the love I felt for the club and what the fans felt for me.”


3 comments on “Custom Arsenal TV viewer Henry still believes in Gunners

  1. It feels good that Henry is still supporting us:D

  2. I know. Sometimes I wonder if that’s really the case (whether he’s still a hardcore gooner like us)…but Henry has always been loyal.

    At least he’s wise to not discount us.

  3. The man is true gunner fan and u heard it directly from him. The man is just classy

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