Brazilian forward is Arsenal’s first new year signing

By Randy Osae

Slick striker with pace

Slick striker with pace

Arsene Wenger’s premier legitimate signing for the new year is believed to be in the form of Brazilian 15 year-old striker, Wellington Carlos Da Silva.

The Fluminese youngster reportedly completed a 7-day trial (in which he scored four goals against Norwich City on under 16 level) with Arsenal recently and have impressed the club’s coaching stuff enough for them to make a move to tie him down with the Emirates’ crop of talents.

And despite the Brazilian club’s reluctance to let go of their prodigy, Wellington’s parents have agreed to allow their son move to north London but there could still be a twist in the proposed deal as certain rules deny players younger than 18 from moving abroad and could result in the case of Manchester United’s Da Silva twins – a pre-contract agreement.

If Wellignton is signed, it will hopefully be the opening way of essential recruits this January.


19 comments on “Brazilian forward is Arsenal’s first new year signing

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  2. Another boy?

  3. I think its good arsenal are still signing some talented youngsters, ofcours a big chance that all of them wont break trough (at Arsenal), but the more you have, and trie, the higher the chance will be you can get a thierry # 2 ( for example, although we allready have eduardo as replacement )

  4. They said he is very good…one for the future though

  5. hey randy how can i get a picture up there instead ov da title like the one u hav got?

  6. Yes you’ll have to upload it and put it in the article mate.

  7. not da 1 in da article… da 1 at da top there…arsnl spot..latest news on the gunners…dat 1…its done da same way?

  8. Ooh, you mean the banner.

    Yes, you’ll have to make one your self and upload it at your admin where it says “custom image header”.

    It’s a long process, I’ll need you else wher (not here) to teach you step by step if you have no idea.

  9. do u use msn? u can teach me there…or are u on facebook?

  10. Oh yeah, I have posted my msn messenger address on your site. Add me to your contacts.

  11. Fuck you Randy, you fucking rapebaby.

  12. Hahaha…what brings you here, “rapebaby”?

  13. Great work Randy.

    Wellington seems a really bright prospect, and I for one am excited about his potential. His style is a cross between Robinho (Style) and Romario (Finishing).

    Also, big up for talking about the youth as well mate, much respect.

    Top work.

  14. Damnit i new he was gonna sign a youngster.

  15. Hopefully he signs a quality defender

  16. i think da silva is good

  17. It is good but there is no harm in buying atleast two experience one.

  18. he is very good…one for the future though

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