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It’s the busy talking month of January, and what other place to drop all those hearsays and thoughts on transfers?

Arsenal SPOT’s Forum is a hot new place for passionate Gooners willing to voice their opinions and hear that of others too – especially in this spectacular month with transfer talks all over.

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34 comments on “Join the best Arsenal FORUM Now!!!!

  1. does anyone have a link to where we can watch the game?

  2. USA…I don’t know…Maybe I’ll just stream the game.

  3. if you can that would be awesome..I have tried every single link that I usually test but nothing is loading up..

    really pissing me off.

  4. I have done so…I have posted the link…check the home page

  5. is th ere any reason why all these justin tv links are taking so long to load up?

    I can’t get anything?

    Is it just my computer or what?

    Thanks Randy

  6. Hey guys started watching the match at 10:30, btw what do you think of the RvP captaincy??

  7. RVP is captain? Nice I like it.

    Did Silveste get injured?

    How are Ramsey and Nicholas looking?

  8. Oh and USA here’s a link although it aint english best thing I could find.http://www.justin.tv/neo40_2/popout

  9. Thanks guys…I give up..these links just don’t open..all I get is that stupid blue circle…

    I’m fed up..I’m about to toss this computer out my office window.

  10. I’ll see if I can find a better way…don’t give up..wait

  11. how were the goals?

    This game looks like it just got going??

  12. At least Nicklas is actually being a presence out there and not wasnting evry ball he gets. Come on Van Persie better marking than that.

  13. Persie’s goal (1-0) was a header from Nasri’s corner. Bendtner’s goal (2-0) was a tap in after Eboue did work to give the ball to Persie in the box and the Dutchman also impressively cut it back onto the goal line for Bedntner to tap home.

    The you know Arsenal like to ahve comfortable games.

    Plymouth immediately pulled one back with a free kick that was failed to clear, and saw cross into the box which was tapped into the net from close range – similar to Bendtner’s goal.

  14. haha I guess it’s just not in the cards today for me. Unreal..was looking forward to watching this game.

    Oh well…thanks for the help and thanks for the update…

    ESPN Soccernet gamecast here I come.

    how are the boys looking?

  15. Ramsey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not the Carling Cup opponents are not so eaasy!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re not a part of the first so stop being so fancy, pass the ball!!!!!! and prove a point that you deserve to be in the first team now!!!!!!

  16. USA – I’m finding a link…stay tuned

  17. Ramsey not looking good? That sucks….surprised were not seeing Veal or Wilshire

  18. Vela Came I think it was for Nasri let me check

  19. actually it was for eboue

  20. Alright that’s it come off now Ramsey. Wilsher’s time. Can’t take this selfish play

  21. Great determination from Gibbs. Nasri took a bit long to shoot.

  22. Thanks Bendtner for not being a complete waste in the game. thanks for playing a part in all our goals.

  23. PLease no Tottenham Antics!!!!!!!!! Frig Ramsey gave away the ball again.

  24. Hattrick!!! bHartick!!!!! Hattrick!!! please van persie score!

  25. Too high from Van persie. oh and btw USA gamecast off by about 4 minutes.

  26. rvp scored?

  27. thats a good showing from our captain.

  28. yea he could have another if he didnt kick it so hard. in about two minutes you will see it on gamecast.

  29. Final sacore 3-1

  30. sounded like a hell of a 2nd half.

    great, grand, wonderful

    only second game I’ve missed all season.

  31. Our boy Jay Simpson played today West Brom

  32. And guess what guys? Chelsea failed to kill off Southend and an injury time equalizer sees Stamford Bridge stunned.

    Chelsea 1-1 Southend…nice

  33. hooray!!! hooray!!! Man City lose 3-0 at home to nottingham!!!!!! YAY!! just shows that money cant bring you everything. nice stuff or loan boys Jay and Nacer played today!!

  34. oh forgot about gavin he also played, he played started and played 83 min.

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