Interview with Arsenal legend Martin Keown

In Arsenal SPOT’s final of a series of interviews with Arsenal legends, it’s legendary defender Martin Keown who answers the questions this time.

(Martin Keown was talking to Tony Mabert at the launch of BT Vision’s new partnership with Setanta Sports.)

Who was your sporting hero?

John McEnroe, because he just didn’t care what he looked like, he just wanted to win. Maybe I was like that myself, looking back.

What’s the worst country you’ve ever visited?

I went to Shakthar Donetsk (with Arsenal), in the Ukraine, and when we got there we realised how very privileged we were in Western Europe. The hotel we stopped at was a real eye-opener.

What’s your favourite film?

As a kid it was To Kill A Mocking Bird.

How big is your TV?

Don’t know.

What’s the first record you ever bought?

Tainted Love by Soft Cell. Or was it Adam Ant? It was around that period anyway. I hope that doesn’t date me too much.

What car do you drive?

I drive a Volkswagen Phaeton. It’s understated, with real quality on the inside.

Who is the best player you ever played with?

Well it’s unfair of me to say one player. If I had to name one midfielder it would be Patrick Vieira. To play in a team with Pires, Bergkamp, Anelka, Henry and Overmars, who never gets mentioned, I knew then it was a special time.

What was the worst ground you visited?

Boundary Park (Oldham Athletic’s ground). It was cold, and it had an Astroturf pitch. It was an awful experience.

If you weren’t a professional footballer, what sport would be have played?

I suppose golf, because it would be nice to play in a nice climate, and have the time to pick your shots without someone breathing down your neck.


3 comments on “Interview with Arsenal legend Martin Keown

  1. Pure legend we need this type of player now 100% committed

  2. I know man, Keown will never, ever be replaced…such a character…his heart.

    I think Flamini was one man who came close to that sort of passion though ;-)

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