Alan Hansen hits out at Arsenal…again

By Randy Osae

Hot-headed pundit on BBC networks

Hot-headed pundit on BBC networks

He might never be popular among the Arsenal faithful but Alan Hansen also refuses to cease criticisms over Arsene Wenger’s side.

The Liverpool hero brands the famous saying of “you can’t win with kids” which was directed at Alex Ferguson’s youthful champions in the decade before but still coincides with the current Arsenal side striving for Premier League success.

Arsenal and Hansen’s beloved reds have had contrasting challenges in the title race with one high up on the table and the other hanging new fourth place. This is a similar fate to last season with Arsenal in pole position that time but the difference is the Gunners do stand better chance of mounting a title bid with the eight-point deficit than Liverpool did last year when in a similar blip.

Alan Hansen though, laid out fair remarks on Arsenal’s football but insists they remain vulnerable than league leaders Liverpool despite still being in the hunt for any silverware this campaign.

“Whilst Liverpool have grown in stature this season Arsenal have gone the other way. The Gunners remain the best footballing side in the Premier League and at times are simply irresistible to watch, However, they are also easier to beat than the other ‘Big Four’ sides. This is perfectly illustrated by the teams they’ve lost to this season and the amount of games they’ve lost compared to their rivals. Despite this, they remain in the FA Cup and Champions League so are hardly in crisis.

Hansen also fears for the unthinkable of Aston Villa grasping Arsenal’s spot in the Champions League next term – a luxury that has been under threat in recent seasons.

“The main threat to their qualification for next season’s premier European competition is Aston Villa, and if the Villans were to overtake them this season then this would be a huge backwards step for Arsenal as the finances lost would be immense.


3 comments on “Alan Hansen hits out at Arsenal…again

  1. Dude I have no love for Hansen but his comments here are just common sense.

  2. I so hope we stuff Hull on saturday and then see where we end up on match of the day. Don’t think Hansen has ever got over Anfield 89 – its up for grabs now. I would love to know what they where saying to the ref after Smiths first goal that night.

  3. That’s spot on ignatz…Hansen is even right with “you can’t win with kids”. Our “kids” are yet to clinch something.

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