EXCLUSIVE: Arsenal shareholder Usmanov holds private meeting with Arshavin

By Randy Osae

Russian men met for talks

Russian men met for talks

With Zenit having invited Arsenal officials for discussions over Arshavin’s proposed move to north London, the club’s major shareholder and Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov has taken matters into his hands to convince the much spotlighted player to make the switch quick.

Usmanov reportedly held a private dinner with Arshavin on Sunday at a five-star restaurant/hotel named Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in the city of Saint Petersburg.

Leaks from the Russian media claim the player discussed potential wage issues and other personal terms in the transfer.

Usmanov is believed to be the mastermind behind this transfer saga already, having had ties with the Russian oil company which owns Zenit.

Even so, Usmanov is NOT a board member at the Emirates Stadium after been frozen out – so his impacts in decisions will stay unofficial. But he is keen to help lure countryman Andrei Arshavin to Arsenal where his essential investments lie.

Arshavin’s unstable-worded and defrauding agent Dennis Latcher did claim during the weekend that the a deal should be struck in the coming week and that could be an additional reason to belief this saga might conclude soon.

Latcher said:  “The deal should go through this week,”

“Andrei wants to go, Arsenal want him and Zenit accept they have to sell.

“It’s just a matter of sorting out the sums but the indication is it’ll happen soon, perhaps within days.”


8 comments on “EXCLUSIVE: Arsenal shareholder Usmanov holds private meeting with Arshavin

  1. bout bloody time man

  2. The same agent has just announced on Sky Sports that Man City is his preferred destination because they can match his wage demands. Man City have not even made a bid for Arshavin he has just been offered to them. I don’t think we want this type of player at The Arsenal or his money grabbing agent. Time to leave this one alone Arsene. He should not be a priorty anyway. DM and CB are a must if we are going to get fourth place. How negative that sounds just worrying about getting fourth place!!!!

  3. mark my arsenal friend it should not even be on your mind to make it to fourth place thats is really putting our confidence down we are a team of committment, quality and BELIEVE….. villa will soon be dragged into this difficult period that every top four tem has or is having at the same time…..we were the first to go through a difficult time now we are emrging out of it slowly, man utd are emerging out of it and now it is liverpool and chelseas turn we will win a trophy this season no matter what… what trophy i don’t know yet but I and the whole CLUB have believe committment and that will = to SUCCESS……
    ….”VICTORIA, CONCORDIA, CRESCENT” = victory through harmony
    ARSENAL FOR LIFE!!!!!!! peace………..

  4. Very encouraging mooqs!

  5. BELIEVE me even with the thin squad that we have its not to late. We can still beat any team to the throne
    gooner 4 lyf

  6. please wenger this is another chance of yours because that isa how you loose valencian deadly attacker david villa and he his not more interesting to you this asharvin get him to us not to you we need him

  7. Arsene Wenger acts like one with a mental challenge.every season he does things the exact same way and expects diffrent results.”He has to wake up from his slumber ,dust himself and get (arsenal)back to work”-Barrack Obama on inuaguration day.

  8. I am happy that the playa has been signed AW may stubborn but not stupid
    he saw that the fans were getting frustrated and the BOOOOO boys were ligning up
    the CL spot is slipping away

    The bottom line is we are better for it

    It was a stearing contest beteween

    AW and Advokat

    and guess who blinked first

    AW did he was saying he is not paying more than 12mil he ended paying 15mil

    It is good that he blinked because it may make it a little easier next time.

    Drop the foolish pride

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