Wenger updates on Arshavin move

By Randy Osae


Always linked never coming

As expected, Arsene Wenger was intrigued to speak on the all-concerned transfer saga and the manager did not seem too reluctant nor audacious about Andrei Arshavin’s arrival.

The Frenchman claims a deal should/could be struck within the next day and is adamant his “experience” in these transfer situations can see things wrapped up before the wicked deadline of Monday night.

But Wenger also insists his side does have a source of answer to the current lack of creativity – being returns of stricken trio Fabregas, Walcott and Rosicky.

Arsenal’s display against West Ham was of typical rustiness and shortened ideas in attack, thus, Arshavin is perhaps an obligatory acquisition if their Premier League tilt will improve.

Wenger said:“[Will something happen?] Maybe or maybe not but it doesn’t worry me too much I must say. Don’t forget that we have some other players that can unlock defences like [Cesc] Fabregas, like [Theo] Walcott and like [Tomas] Rosicky who aren’t available at the moment but could be in the next few months.

“We are not far away but now we have a bit of time now the game is over until Tuesday night. Monday night is the deadline so we’ll see what can be done in 24 hours. With the experience I have, anything can happen in a transfer.”

There was also a hearsay prior to Saturday’s game that Arshavin had boarded a flight to London, but those claims were later denied by his agent Dennis Latchter even though the Russian star is still poised to arrive in the English capital within the next hours should the state of this deal be as believed.


7 comments on “Wenger updates on Arshavin move

  1. if wenger isn’t really bothered if we get him or not, why not save the money or spend it on something he is bothered about, or does he think everything’s perfect atm?

  2. Positives from last nights game – EBOUE GOT INJURED ! I hope he is f#@ked and doesnt play for the rest of the season, Vela looked so much better on the right and I hope eboue is sold to Atletico or whoever is mental enough to want him – he is absolute garbage! The negatives besides the draw ofcourse was Diaby got injured as well and Ade pulled up with wat looked like a hamstring towards the end of the game – our squad is now paper thin and hopefully this will help Weng realize we need to cough up whatever the additional amount Zenit is askin to make this deal happen !!!

  3. Wenger&team struggling-i wonder is the transfer regime killing us? as he’s unable 2 work his usual magic in the current market-the system works for Utd who r willing&able 2get their man as they reguarly pay 30m. I think this is just part of our problems

  4. arshavin? hmm…. i’m not sure…

  5. arsenal need him desperately…the lack of creativity and penetration we have seen lately is very alarming. continue this way and say good bye to champions league football. hope arshavin comes and somehow is the solution of our problems
    and wenger is bothered about him…if he wasn’t he isnt mad to be after the guy all January if he doesn’t want him

  6. Oh come on RS – a player getting injured (no matter how quality or sh*t) is never good news. Plus he was actually lookig brighter than usual when he went off. But perhaps this is all blessing, knowing that Wenger will finally put his secret hate for Vela aside and start playing the boy.

    And for Arshavin…oh well….Wenger was smiling at his post-match interview yesterday, seeming not worried about it…but he also doesn’t seem worried about anything these days…not even our season’s tangles.

  7. Well said Randy. Football is just a part of a person’s life. There are more to life than just football. Also,football is not a matter of life and death.Take it easy RS, its normal to feel frustrated when things don’t go our way. I am beginning to look forward to the return of Walcott(terrific pace), Rosicky (creativity),Fabregas( great vision)and of course Arshavin(add new dimension)to unlock and break down tight and discipline defence. There is still hope for us.

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