EXCLUSIVE: Arshavin hints what shirt number he will wear at Arsenal

By Randy Osae


Will/should he keep that same number?

Done but maybe not dusted, this unceasing transfer tale is – with the deal now pending a review and approval by the  Premier League in the next hours for an official announcement.

Andrei Arshavin has reportedly agreed a £70,000-a-week, three-and-a-half year contract at the Emirates and at last, it looks as though Arsenal have lured that proven talent, new blood and extra body the squad required as the season unravels.

But in the new signing’s case, there are noticeable formalities to be decided and that is his shirt number and perhaps assigned position when in action.

So what shirt number will Arshavin wear? NO, the much tipped #13 and/or the swapping for Gallas’ #10 is supposedly wrong – at least not to the player’s preference on what figure should be spotted on his back when in the red and white.

Andrei Arshavin has spoken on his personal website (Arshavin.eu) that it is #23 that he is likely to be handed at Arsenal – a number made void by the departure of Sol Campbell.

Arshavin also clarified his move to north London had been sealed, just as we know.

He said: “The negotiations [have] come to a close, the details [will be released] tomorrow. Now I can say only one thing – if I play in the “Arsenal”, then [I will have] number 23.”


5 comments on “EXCLUSIVE: Arshavin hints what shirt number he will wear at Arsenal

  1. The twist n turns involving his transfer saga has all but drained my initial excitement of him coming to arsenal. It once more reminded me what it means to be a gunner in troubled times just like we are facing. Worse than a rollercoaster ride.

  2. Arshavin will be an instant hit. He will bring luck with him and Arsenal will start wining games after game.

  3. I agree Manas, but lets give him sometime to settle.
    Karel Poboski lit up Euro 96, ManYoo bought but he failed. Baptista was doing wonders at Sevilla, we tried him on loan but he didn’t produce the goods.

    Lets give him the support and hope things work out, anyway Dudu should be back soon. NOW THATS ANOTHER NEW SIGNING.

  4. It doesn’t matter what jersey number he wears in as much as it is Arsenal’s.

  5. I concur Sulazu

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