Arsenal keeping tabs on free agent


Could the Ghanian be joining the Gunners?

Arsene Wenger is set to make a fresh move to sign free agent Stephen Appiah. The Ghanaian midfielder was training with Spurs during January and boss Harry Redknapp said he was close to making a decision on the player last week.

Redknapp said:

“He has had an injury and his fitness is way below what you’d hope it to be,” Redknapp said.

“But he’s worked hard so I’ll have a look at him and give him a decision because he’s been with us for about a month now. He needs to know.”

Arsene Wenger was close to securing the signature of Appiah in the summer but Arsenal doctors advised the Frenchman to not make a move for the international unitl the player had proved his fitness levels.

However, since clinching the services of Andrei Arshavin, Wenger is keen to bring Appiah in until the end of the season, with the view of signing the player on a long term contract if he proves his fitness.

Arsenal were unable to comment on the transfer and Tottenham are yet to deliver a statement on whether they are close to signing the former Juventus and Fenerbahce star.

15 comments on “Arsenal keeping tabs on free agent

  1. This 1 doesnt seem to want to go away! Any sources ?

  2. something has changed about wenger…….he is hungry again.GO GUNNERS

  3. Appiah would be godsent. He would fit Arsenal like a hand in glove. Tacling like there is no tomorrow, combative with leadership. If my memory serves me right he was national captain of Ghana so he would know a thing or two about helping youngsters. Come on Wenger, let us have something to shout about. Its been a while.

  4. He’s not as good as you think. Yes he’s good at tackling and breaking forward but he’s not a defensive midfielder. He’s more a central midfielder and we have players like Denilson who can be pushed to Cesc’s role and Diaby will get better.

  5. Im happy he is finally here, I hope he will prove the sh*t all around this transfer. BTW Randy, got some nieuw info about Amaury Bischoff ? I havent seen him featuring in the line-up, isnt he already fit? Or isnt he simple not good enough for Arsenal at the moment?

  6. Appiah should’ve been with us for a few months now, playing in the reserves to get ready, diaby should’ve been on loan.

  7. I need a favor for anyone who is a member of the Arsenal webpage. Can anyone send me the interview with Gazidis – My ‘huge job’ at Arsenal?

    I would be forever in your debt if I could get my hands on that link or video.

    Thanks Gunners on up!

  8. Risje – Bischoff is still featuring for the Arsenal Reserves and has got a place on the bench for recent games too. I think it was either Hull City or Plymouth. There’s nothing wrong with him.

    USA – I doubt anyone will really have that video….well I will try to find it, but I’m NOT an Arsenal TV subscriber.

    And to you all, Appiah is a pure veteran whom we would do well with adding and he’s not actually a standard defensive midfielder. He is just physical with attacking sense to his game too. I will call him a Gerard type of player. (Don’t think of quality in that likening though.) If he comes, I think it’s really to be a utility man. He’s not that young and neither is he really good/great enough to get right into the side.

  9. i’d love to see appiah on arsenal.

  10. yo.. pls dont publish stuff when u dont have credible resources..

  11. reports suggested that Fabregas wants to leave arsenal for Barcelona.
    he’s desperate to leave.

  12. Bops – Please read stuff if you don’t acknowledge it. I bet you were one of few who thought Arshavin talks were bogus.

    Go find me one of those “credible sources” you need to believe stuff.

  13. what about Fabregas departure?

  14. Bops in that sense, no source is credible. Tell that to foxsoccer, goal.com, or even skysports who have all come out with stories that turned out not to be true. Even cnn, and fox news do carry bogus news.

    Typical journalism for you. Take it or leave it.

    I hope this appiah news is for real even though I doubt it, but if wenger adds this guy to his squad, we will sure be untouchable come next season. I believe we got good physios that can help him ring his fitness level up.

    I hope wenger gets this guy so that denilson, song and diaby, can all go out on loan until next season.

    The trio are too inexperienced to be playing regularly for arsenal. In a yr or two maybe.

    Bischoff needs a try out with the 1st team so we can at least see what he’s up to.

    I’m getting more positive about our 2nd half of the season

  15. I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.

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