VIDEO: Adebayor’s hidden ‘superstition’ in football

Want to know the secret behind Adebayor’s heroics for Arsenal?

Then hear it from the man himself in this video.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

8 comments on “VIDEO: Adebayor’s hidden ‘superstition’ in football

  1. he talks ballocks and plays shit,if he scored one in ten we would be on top.

  2. Oh come on….his English is awful, but remember what he did for us last year. At least he capitalized on Persie’s absence to score a vital 30.

    He’s not an exceptional player, very erratic in fact, but still beneficial to have on your team.

  3. lets hope he never loses his special shinguard

  4. i WISH he would find some form at this crucial time.

    i don’t want to whine at him, i want to love him like i did last season. but he’s got to pick it back up because he’s not doing it right now.

    PLEASE manu find that form because we need it and it will go a long way to improving your connection with the fans if you help drag us through this tough time with some goals. i think he has 13 atm. if he can get 20+ in total then i think you’d have to say he’s done enough. i won’t complain if he gets 20 goals. rvp looks set to get around that mark, but he’s so good right now that his goals aren’t the main thing. he’s just unplayable, unmarkable, rips defenses apart and has that fear factor. even if you knew rvp would never score again you’d still have to play him every game. the guy is just unbelievably talented

  5. who gives the fcuk if he speaks english? what is english? must everyone speak english. how many pples language can u speak? am 100 perent sure he speaks 5 languages. how many can u speak. if war starts now u do be dead if u find urself outside england cos u can only speak english. u never thought of that?

  6. remember he said his special shinguard gave him chances in that first game, didnt say he scored them!!

  7. Ade speaks really fast! I think he is the fastest speaker in the Arsenal Squad.

  8. I agree with most of you, Adebayor really should be scoring more goals, and his english should be a little better.

    But look at the top goalscorers from last season. C. Ronaldo is the only one at the top still. Torres, Cruz, Adebayor, Berba. ALL of them haven’t scored as much this term.

    Interesting fact.

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