Bentley WILL MISS derby tomorrow


David Bentley must be scratching his head at the moment.

Any worries of the former Arsenal trainee taking another derby bow from Gooners on Sunday are bogus.

Fact is, Bentley will miss tomorrow’s clash due to suspension.

That means no repeat of this irritating moment.

The 24-year-old will also be joined on the sidelines by Jermain Defoe and Ledley King.

But remember Tottenscum have a returning Keane to unleash!



7 comments on “Bentley WILL MISS derby tomorrow

  1. Good. :] stupid bentley, always hated him. The only one i think we should keep an eye out for is keane, but he wont do much harm if we have a solid defense/mid.

  2. Yeah, I’m sort of worried about Keane…the guy has already struck us this season. But sometimes the man you tip to harm you ends up far from that.

    Then on, we know that when Arsenal play their opponents, it’s usually the most likely man who inflicts us.

    Like Drogba – Chelsea, Anelka – when at Bolton, Ronaldo – United (no other big four side has conceded more against Ronaldo than Arsenal)and this season there have been numerous like…Delap – Stoke (didn’t score but created both goals), Cahill – Everton (We knew him well before the game)

  3. That’s a bit harsh on the lad to call him that. O’Hara will also miss the game. This is the player who was at Arsenal but when Spurs came in for him (and did an Arsenal i.e. pinch a youngster) he left as it was the club he supported at the time. Smacks of lack of ambition really.
    Anyway who did your new banner? I’m looking for one but it seems everyone has the same style.

  4. How is it harsh?

    He is a fucking cunt, and he will get all the abuse he deserves when Spurs return to the Emirates next season.

    Nice banner, Randy.

  5. Why did you have to put that picture there? It’s too painful.
    As for Bentley, well it has been well documented that he is a flash little wank stain who lacks genuine pace, character, and intelligence. His career is on a downward spiral, and in a few years he’ll end up out of contract, drunk, broke, addicted to crack and selling his arse down Kings Cross.

  6. good article, but really poor form on the title.

  7. removed a swear word?

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