Doctor says Fabregas likely to return in 2 weeks

By Randy Osae


Has been out for almost 2 months

Arsenal’s skipper is showing signs of a miraculous return after that ligament damaged he sustained in a challenge with Xabi Alonso back in December.

Indeed, the Spaniard who is on an estimated four-month lay-off is having a speedy recovery and keen to play again way earlier than expected.

The 21-year-old also decided to take a well deserved break from football during this time, after tedious consecutive appearances for Arsenal over that the years.

Fabregas is known to be a quick healer, and his injury record tells exact. Thus, his Spanish doctor Ramon Cugat believes he could be back in action within three weeks to play a part in Arsenal’s pivotal Champions League tie with Roma on February 24th.

Asked if Fabregas could return by that time, Cugat answered: “I think so.

“The Arsenal doctors said it normally takes three-and-a-half months to recover because of the way it happened.

“But I believe he will return quicker than then. I recognise that the player needs to be ready, to have good mobility and stability and that he needs to feel good after returning to training,” he continued.

“The one that will know best is the player. I saw him last week.

“He passed the tests, there had been a clear improvement and he was expecting to make a speedy recovery.

“What is even better is that he could recover more quickly than is considered normal, which is very good.”

2 comments on “Doctor says Fabregas likely to return in 2 weeks

  1. great news. but do not rush back. yes we need you. we’ll always need you. but rushing back and getting reinjured or being a weak link b/c of fitness issues will not help us at all. we need a fit fabregas physically and mentally. get well soon, but don’t come back until you are 100%. we cannot afford any less.

  2. spot on str8goon

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