Insight: Eboue’s antics


Bizarre attitude

By Randy Osae

I always knew this guy had that attitude of being the center of the show all the time. He doesn’t have the mildest personality of a player, and indeed is very hot-headed too.

Now Sunday undermined some purpose for those who jeered him not long ago. The way he acted showed little concern about the team’s well-being – because when a referee cautions you for being insubordinate, you don’t come back whining again. With his standards, he should have been one of the keen men working their socks off out there to win back love.

I  always had the feeling the way he was in verbal action deemed him as an accident on the wait and eventually tapping on Modric’s back and conjuring scenes after a given foul at Sunday’s derby, meant he just wanted to see fire today.

Agree or not, Eboue is gradually, and inevitably becoming a liability to Arsenal when he appears in our colors these days. It’s as if there is a danger of not getting the best result when he plays.

Eboue is has possesed one sickening attitude, and unless he chagnes, he will make few marks at this club.

Hopefully, the Ivorian is not still beating about the bush.


32 comments on “Insight: Eboue’s antics

  1. I missed what he did, is there any vids out there that will show?

  2. He was disrespectful to the referee twice. Read my report to find out. I don’t feel like writing all over again.

  3. Eboue is a disgrace. He should just focus on playing rather than arguing with the referee.He deserved the red card.We could have even won the game if it had been 11 against 11 players.

  4. im with u man.

  5. Eboue was our best player until he got sent off:
    – Had a perfectly good goal disallowed
    – Smashed a ball across the face of goal which Adebayor showed no desire to get to at all.

    Unfortunately his big mouth and krap attitude were his downfall. I Mean, Eboue, do you honestly think that talking to the referee will change their decision. Didn’t you learn that in under 15’s.

  6. u are an idiot to hate your player. rooney does worse things and never gets a booking. I Dont understand if its different laws for different players but its obvious referees are afraid of some playes, some clubs and some coaches

  7. hey gwangwan u dumb idiot….did u watch the game???

    coz if u did u would have noticed that eboue was whinging to the referee and holding up play.. ok maybe a little tough for his first yellow..

    But the fucking idiot knew he had to watch himself from there on.. so what did he do..??? he decides to play childish games and try trip over modric.. how bright is OUR eboue then..

    Even rooney has more sense than that u idiot !!

  8. i always have said to sell him. we had a chance to make some money out of him but werger did not take the chance. as for me, i dont hate the player, i just think he is an idiot and idiots should be sold fast.

  9. What has happened to Wenger? He couldve yanked Eboue off the pitch after the 1st yellow! Eboue obviuosly had lost focus! Why is Song even a Gunner?

  10. I have never liked Eboue. He never scores, holds the ball too long, is inconsistent, and obviously, has a bad attitude.
    I think it is in the teams best interest to sell him this summer.
    But, in his defense, he did “score” today. And he was at the ref because he was fired up for the game, but he really should know that its only going to get you booked.

    And Randy, I know were all mad about it. But please try to stay professional on this site. I really like how you’ve tried to stay fair, and level headed on here, and provided us Goons this awesome site.
    I know that you are intelligent, but here you sound like a drunk ranting.

  11. we need prayers

  12. LOl Gunnertom…I’m sorry, I’m sure this one was just out of the blue…but I’ve fixed it a bit.

  13. Wow kc, considering most people think that Song was the best player on the pitch today for Arsenal you’d better watch your tone.

  14. Not only Eboue but also few others like Denilson, Song, Toure are not fit to play in any PL team. Yesterday, Almunia and Gallas were outstanding and to some extent Nasri and Clichy. Rest were mediocre. Tottenham totally dominated the game. Song is neither a snatcher nor a passer and Denilson is mediocre in snatching but very poor passer. Modric was far far better in the midfield. Present Arsenal team is worst in the last 12 years. Fabregas, Rosicky, Edu are badly needed. Another useless stuff is Adebayor. No need to mention about Bendtner.

  15. I guess every team has some loser fans who aren’t happy unless they’ve got someone to hate. At Arsenal, it seems like those fans have chosen Eboue. All the frustrations of this year, last year’s collapse, Eduardo’s injury, getting screwed in the CL and in several big games at the end of last season, failing to keep Flamini etc…gets dumped on him. Its astonishing that a few seasons ago he was hailed as another Wenger miracle playing at right back, now gutless limp-dicks who call themselves fans are screaming for his head like Fergie with his shoe up Scholes’ ass. Why don’t you lame shits just support Fergie or Spuds instead?

    This is a young team and they need time to mature. Wenger hasn’t lost his mind, you idiots have. Coaches, like players, have ambition, and Wenger’s is building a team to surpass the Invincibles. Guess what? It won’t happen overnight, but it will fucking happen. So if Eboue is first choice for our young, injury-ridden team we gotta get behind him and stop dicking around with lame shit. The truth today was that he wrongly had a goal disallowed, barely said anything to the ref and got a soft 1st yellow (how manytimes have we seen Rooney and the like do 10 times worse and not even get a warning?) and the got an equally soft 2nd yellow for a “foul” that wouldn’t have hurt a 4 year old let alone Modric. Cut him some slack and f*cking grow a pair. Stand up and back the team when they need it most. Its easy to cheer when things are going well, but a fan worth his salt can do it when things are rough.

    Even the Spuds new it was shockingly shite refereeing. Their play afterwards was almost apologetic. The refereeing in this league has gone from bad to worse. Its an embarassment. The once rightly proud EPL, the finest league in Europe is now a joke of overly inflated, overpaid home-grown average talent, refs who can’t be bothered with paying attention, and an FA that’s out to lunch.

  16. get behind the lads! if the goal was allowed, you’d be kissing his feet.

    we are 9 games unbeaten. u guys know fuck all about support.

  17. Eboue is well beyond his best beyond date。will be pleased to see arshavin working on the right。isuspect that eboue‘s goal was his last gasp effort to save his position

  18. denilison is one of the worst players in arsenal today am still wondering what he did yesterday on the picth lossing our balls so often not wining any ball . we need a center back who is good not ture how do head the ball with your middle pART OF THE HEAD . clichy needs a competitor the man who used to be very fast he is now very slow doesnot close SPACES . its gopod we have bought ashavin hope bentiner was his last game . when i see ebue on the picth i fell seek .Song is a nother jocker


  20. I dont fault eboue at all. Players get like that sometimes. I mean the guy was fouled but the ref wont do nothing and I also think his goal should’ve counted. He is not the first player to get sent of for dissent so there’s no news here. Stuff happens and unfortunately we were on the receiving end. The lad was good creative wise but it all ended sadly and we gotta take it.I can understand if he played badly.

    Randy, dont want to echo what gunnertom said but you should know better as eboue haters will jump on this.

    However, we are all humans and when emotions get involved anything is possible.

    And for people who constantly question wengers decision, I say take a chill pill, There’s a reason why he’s the coach and we are not.

    The season is not over yet lets fight on gunners

  21. FACT: Eboue is a black African cunt. He is the cunting love child of Arsene Wenger.

    FACT: Arsene Wenger is a CUNT.

  22. he wasnt disrespectful to the referee twice
    thats bull
    i dont think he was particularly disrespectful the first time, just kept talking, hardly rooney level disrespect
    and the second time, he apparently kicked modric, which is fair enough, but the ref seemed to send him off for talking, as it was so delayed, even tho he was talking to modric and patting him on the back over and over
    i duno, i try to treat these incidents on merit, and i see this as another dodgy decision against us
    if this happend to any other arsenal player everyone would be blaming the ref – dont wana go quite so far, but its harsh

  23. We do make mistakes sumtimes,what eboue did wz wrong.remember kn body is above mistake.we shd tink of how 2 win our remainin games n nt insultin our players 4 any little mistakes dey made.florence

  24. I think the most underrated player we have is Song. This guy should be developed into a CM and I’m sure no one will be very disappointed. If the guy is 21 think of when he gets to 24. Let’s not be rash and make the same mistake we did with Flamini: selling him when he’s showing so much promise. To me Song is better than Denilson, coz he doesn’t give away the ball as easily, plus he’s got composure.

    The one player we Gunners don’t need is Adebayor. Whatever gains he made last season are lost. He doesn’t seem to do anything right nowadays. In fact, I’d say Bendter is better by far considering their respective ages. Arsene should give Bendter more chances and Ade’s injury is a welcome break for me at least.

  25. Indigo Jones, are you serious about that you f*cking racist? And sh*t brain, calling Wenger a cunt. No people were talking some years ago? ( Guys keep hope man, sh*t happens, look at AZ from dutch premier league, they had a s*cking bad streak last season, now they are ‘safe’ on the top )

  26. Hey indigo jones where were you when God was giving out brains and common sense. I’m ashamed to share the same last name with a twat like that.

  27. btw the ways guys (idiots like indigo not included) do you know where i can watch a replay of the match (not highlights) woke up at very late so only saw dying moments of the match great my almunia to stop modric.;

  28. Indigo Jones,keep your f*cking racist opinion to yourself.

  29. Guys, Eboue sucks just because of Wenger. This guy was just so good at the deffence but his days are numbered now. Theo will be back by the end of the month and hopefully Fabregas is coming back soon too. Astin Villa is a threat but i believe they are holding the position. we are coming for them.

  30. ok ok we are building a team fot the future thats been said now for 2 to 3 years and iam happy to wait another 3 years if it means we have a team able to go the whole season unbeaten again. But can you really see song becoming a better play than viera was? denilson better than petit? eboue the next pires? nasri outshining overmars? toure becoming a arsenal legend just like adams? it aint gonna happen.

  31. Nowadays, fans and club owners alike are so desperate for instant success that often times managers are sack even before the squad he manages mature and developed fully. Every new set of players need time to understand the philosophy of the manager.Every manager has different set of philosophy on how their team should play and this may take time. Look at what had happpened to Scolari,Ince and Adams. These managers inherited or bought new players to work on and within months not years, they are out of business.As for Wenger,the present generation of players are very different from the one which went on an unbeaten streak of 49 games without losing.(except Toure and RVP i think.)Vela, Ramsey,Hoyt,Wilshere,Fabiansky,Walcott, Simpson,Nasri,Cesc and a few others are still very young but have shown great promise to be able to bring glory to the club. For now, these players need lots of guidiance from the manager and experience players. Don’t forget that Wenger seldom buy an end product player but rather young, promising and unpolished players. Lets learn to be patient and trust Wenger for good results at the end of the day.

  32. Told you so Randy but i warned it was coming but you told me he is one of the best players.

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