Wenger interested in Spanish prodigy


Could be one for the future

By Randy Osae

According to Atletico Madrid’s young combative midfielder Koke, Arsenal are lurking to snatch him away from Spain.

The 17-year-old, who is on Atletico’s ‘B’ team has reportedly attracted interested from Arsenal’s scouts and claims he is being watched by the Gunners even though there has been absolutely no attempts for a possible summer transfer.

Koke is regarded as one of the promising talents of Spanish football and is the current captain of the nation’s Under 17 side.

He said: “I am calm. My sole focus is to improve as a player each day.

“Arsenal have watched some of my matches, but I have not spoken with anybody.”

Koke though, is still serving a youth contract at his current club with plans of signing professionally in the near future. Thus, Arsenal will have to pull off stealing tricks to lure the youngster away from home similar to the case of Fabregas’ move to London.


10 comments on “Wenger interested in Spanish prodigy

  1. we don’t need any more diaper dandies, we need quality and experience for here and now. Someone should remind wenger, he doesn’t own arsenal, he should listen to the fans soem times.

  2. Just how much stake do you have in Arsenal Greensboro?

  3. I believe that there’s still a place for youngsters to be at Arsenal for continuity purpose. A club like Arsenal need to have short and long term goals. Experience and youth must come hand in hand to succeed.

  4. even he joins, wenger wont make him paly in the first-team tht’s obvious.

  5. You’re right Greensboro, with a few exceptions Wengers “youngsters” experiment has failed, the purchase of Arshavin proved that. We’ve had our fill of “kids”, now is the time to buy some experienced heads!!

  6. Why sign him, because you know he will sit on our bench for awhile, then play, have an amazing year and then Real, Barca will come barking down our doors for this guy once he’s 21. Leave him be and bring back Flamini in a swap for senderous/Diaby and a little cash.

  7. Talent scouts are employed by most clubs to scout for young and promising players as part of their youth developement programme. These young players may be groom to take over the senior players or for investment purposes.Big and successful clubs like Real Madrid,Barcelona,AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Mancester Utd and etc,etc even though have won so many trophies,are still constantly looking out for young and talented players. We might never know among the youngsters the clubs have invested in, there will be the next Pele, George Best, Kaka, Messi, Fabregas, and so many others.Arsenal must not lose out to the rest. On the other hand, these youngsters doesn’t bring instant success to the club. They need time and in our case, time is not a luxury especially we are going into the crucial stage of the Premiership.Our position in the EPL is not encouraging as we are facing a fierce battle to qualify for the Champion League. These young players may not be able to handle the pressure and that is where experience players are needed. We must also bring in experience head to get us there.Overall, we still need both sets of players to be successful now and in the future.Can we imagine if we have not bought Fabregas age 15 when he was still at Barcelona?

  8. People say this present crop of players lack steel but I think a formidable team could be fashioned from this team. I think kolo or galas can perform same duties as senna in the spanish team. just sit in front of our back line. How I wish I had a direct line to AW!

  9. Yeah I think kolo or gallas could be great as a dm if only they would get their chance

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