Relief rains on Eduardo’s hatchet man

By Randy Osae


Made horrific tackle

Martin Taylor was arguably the most elated man in England after Monday night.

The Birmingham defender has been regarded as one filthy villain after his tackle in February last year put sword between the career of Eduardo da Silva.

Whether intentional or not, Taylor’s reputation had been tarnished by that incident, and lamentations have been on his end since. Even so that Arsene Wenger had suggested a permanent ban from football for the defender.

Initially, Eduardo claimed he had not received any consolations nor apologies from his hatchet man after an outstanding return to business against Cardiff earlier this week.

But Martin Taylor has now publicly expressed warm feelings over Edurardo’s remarkable show of resilience to recover his career.

“It’s definitely a relief that he is back playing,” Taylor told the Birmingham Mail. “I know in my heart of hearts that it was an accident. A horrible accident.

“So I wanted to see him playing again. You can never be sure. I was hopeful because of the updates I received from Arsenal.

“I kept my fingers crossed when he was playing in the reserves, but there is nothing like that first proper game. To recover both mentally and physically – to get through that training and to get back to that standard – he has done really, really well.”


14 comments on “Relief rains on Eduardo’s hatchet man

  1. boringggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  2. i read this last night on daily mail website, why cant u give us somethin new

  3. poor

  4. I couldn’t care less that Taylor is relieved by Eduardo’s remarkable recover. I hope that Taylor fades back into the obscurity and mediocrity from which he came. Writing articles about how he feels is beyond my understanding.

  5. this is crap man

  6. Martin Taylor, its about time you called the man himself and say all these things your saying in the press to him. Dudu has confirmed that he recieved loads of mail form others but never heard from you directly.

    I have a gut feeling this guy has a guilty conscience and is not man enough to confront dudu in person or even give him a ring, how easy can that be?

  7. I watch cnn always and most times they carry the same news that I’ve already heard on fox news and cbn news. Whats even worse is that they keep repeating it over and over by the hour. Very boring I say. But guess what? I still watch cnn everyday and will continue to

  8. Keep up the good work Randy Osae.Whatever we do, we just can’t please everybody.Still a good post for me.

  9. its nt good work

    its just news that hes posted which is a day old

    like i said..


  10. Just before that fateful game last season the Birmingham manager Alex McLeish and lifelong friend Alex Ferguson were having a few bottles of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. The title race was very tight between Arsenal & Manchester United at that point and Sir Alex reminded his mate that the best way to defeat Arsenal is to get “stuck in”

    The rest is history.

  11. Peter, it may be just be news which is a day old to you but i believe there are still many out there who have not read it. A man’s meat could be another man’s poison…LOL

  12. Taylor has not contacted eduardo because he is a mouse not a man – he knows he meant to hurt eduardo – albeit not as bad as it turned out – It is fitting that this 5th rate defender will be remembered for one thing only.
    When he sits his grandchildren on his knee he can show them the pictures of eduardos leg as the highlight of his career

  13. Ignore them Citygunner…..those are the inevitable sore grapes you get in society.

  14. Rightly said.

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