VIDEO: Arsenal 1-0 AS Roma

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10 comments on “VIDEO: Arsenal 1-0 AS Roma

  1. It looks like slowely but surly our team is coming around. I just hope it’s not to late.

    Lineup for Fulham on Saturday maybe rest a few bodies..

    Sagna, Toure, DJ, Gibbs

    Eboue, Denilson, AA, Diaby

    RVP (bring in Bendtner after a goal)

  2. our young guns has proved that they can do something at least. I need to thank two guns who showed us that at least with given chance they can do something that Eboue thank for making those who ounce boued to go behind u at this time. RVP to me your the man of the match. This to AW plse to Fulham use the young gun Vella instead of this Bendtner

  3. I think AW had a great point yesterday saying that this team could be one of the best in Europe if they stick together.

    Imagine if you can keep Nasri, Cesc, Denilson, Theo, Vella, Eduardo, Gail, Sagna, and RVP and mix in a few vets???

    We just need to have faith in AW and his system and I think we will reap the rewards in the years to come. It’s unfortunate we can’t keep winning but I think the old saying is you need to take one step back to take two steps forward.

    Big game this week and I will expect nothing less that a huge win from our squad. They have something to prove with that first loss to Fulham.

    Flowing football was back yesterday, we just need to finish that final touch.

  4. Usa gunner
    i dont thnik resting nasri and playing ashravin in the centre of midfield would help.
    does anyone know tht toure an gallas came late inn fr the second half!
    arsenal started the 2nd half with jst 9 men,no centre backs!lol

  5. I think with two easy (dare I say it) games coming up in the EPL Wegner can afford to rest the likes of RVP, Nasri, Toure, Galls, Sagna and Gail.

    It’s good to know that we have AA, Eboue, Diaby, Gibbs, Vella, Ramsey and Jacky to fill the void and give these guys least a half off.

    I’d like to see Jacky get a run out against Fulham this weekend. Anyone know why he wasn’t in the squad yesterday?

    I’d start RVP and then bring in Bendtner 65 mins in.

  6. Spot on USA…very insightful.

    “two easy games”….LOL, dare you say it!

  7. Arsenal’s performances this season is so unpredictable that we won’t know which team will appear in every game.Either the one which beat the likes of Manchester Utd and Chelsea or the one which lost to Manchester City, draw with Stoke and Sunderland. There’s no easy game now and just can’t take anything for granted. Our position in the premier league now don’t allow us such luxury.

  8. Never consider anyone easy because the way we’re playing against these ‘easy’ teams doesn’t look like the players are enjoying theirselves. After Fulham were obliterated at OT they’ll look set for a Ultra-Defensive tactic. My line-up would be:
    Eboue DJ Gallas Clichy
    AA Denilson Diaby Vela/Nasri
    RVP Bendtner/Vela

  9. Look , AW is doing all he can , we have to have faith in him. Yeah, Arsenal is undergoing a financial crsis but if u are a loyal fan you shouldn’t just walk away like this!


  10. Niamor – Even though Sagna is tired, I would definitely not let Eboue deputize in a game vital as Saturday.

    That is a needless decision at this point. I know you might argue Eboue is more equipped at right back, but it’s not like he hasn’t played there before this season.

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