Insight: Fabregas enjoys himself while recovering well

By Randy Osae

https://i2.wp.com/farm4.static.flickr.com/3505/3312974232_71c2da7aa3_m.jpgFabregas is really making the most of his time outside football. The midfielder is enjoying a richly-deserved break after three tedious seasons as a first-team regular.

Positives are; these months out have let the Spaniard ease some stress after fears he could even face burn-out in his career – due to the excessive number of consecutive games the youngster had played.

He was spotted out on Saturday at the Buddha Bar for drinks and dinner until about midnight (with his long-term girlfriend, Carla along for the ride.)

The pair were definitely in a party mood – they left and headed over to the Maddox club until 2.30 in the morning, when they jumped in a cab home.

Fabregas parties with his girlfriend

It is either his injury was not as brutal as suggested or Cesc Fabregas is one stalwart Spanish fellow.

The case might be subject a of both inferences and Fabregas is gradually healing his knee ligament damage for a return to business.

As a matter of fact, Cesc is already kicking it with his teammates – at the training ground – and is endeavoring for a return since December 2008.


He actually trained on Monday

Indeed, you might have been witnessing the midfield maestro as early as a couple of days ago, but it appears that Wenger is the one taking precautions on Fabregas’ comeback. The man himself feels he is totally ready.

Assumably, Cesc is playing that “daddy,daddy,please… !!” game with his boss.

“He says he could play tomorrow, but I have to tell him it’s not possible. But the doctor tells him first,”

“Two or three weeks’ normal training. He can play now but a medial ligament takes six to eight weeks and if there is any contact then you can see what can happen.”

This much needed vacation will enable Arsenal’s skipper to come back stronger.

10 comments on “Insight: Fabregas enjoys himself while recovering well

  1. Who cares abt cesc!? Not anymore mate! This might be his last season with The Arsenal. He just talk shit when he is away!! Hope Wenger would let him go!

  2. Carla is hot!!!

  3. She has fat legs though! Hope cesc stays and wont cause any MISCHIEF this summer, AGAIN, If he does then we have our LOYAL YOUTHS!

  4. Carla is smoking hot! n she hasn’t got fat legs, she’s got fat thighs. that’s a good thing!

  5. that sam guy must be a united fan! F$#K off!

  6. So if he leaves what does that leave us?

    Nasri/Maridia/Ramsey in the middle with a CDM
    Theo/Jacky on the right, Rosicky/Vella/AA on the left.
    100 Million Pounds for us to sign a replacement for RVP or Cesc?

    I’d hate to see him leave but you know it’s going to come sooner or later. I just hope he looks at Kaka and realizes that it’s better to be loyal than leave for $$$$.

    I think AW is planning for Cesc to leave in 3 years and by then will have all the youngsters ready to fill the void.

  7. I think if we could manage to be in champions league next season he would stay. But, why is it that all Asenal player talking of leaving the club, is it because of money or they thought arsenal is not a big club? on like Man U, hardly you can see any of player thinking of leaving. When Wenger turn their life around and they become star, they say they are leaving.

    Listen Fab, it will be cool if you could stay, let me ask you, how is Flaminin doing presently in AC MIL, he is not doing great, they bench him most of the time, what about HLEB, he is not doing great either, these are the great players when they were at ARSENAL.

    Think twice and eminate KAKA my son and concentrate on your football career in arsenal, then you will be great, if other wise you will be done for, take my words.

  8. The only one I see really leavin would be RVP. Sometimes I wish the old players like Bergkamp, Wright, Seamen would come in talk to these young players and knock some sense into them.

    The only thing good I see about Cesc leaving is the fact we would get a boat load of money and would be able to purchase others. Just hope we don’t blow it on more youth!

    Would be nice to keep this team together, because if Wegner is right and keeps the core of this team in tact they would run rampid through out Europe and the EPL as Man U is right now.

  9. Skinny chick, hot face, fat thighs, an american dream

  10. […] Insight: Fabregas enjoys himself while recovering well By Randy Osae Fabregas is really making the most of his time outside football. The midfielder is enjoying a […] […]

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