VIDEO: Arsenal 0-0 Fulham

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13 comments on “VIDEO: Arsenal 0-0 Fulham

  1. boy o boy it’s a tough season. First of all you can’t blame AW or call for his head. I think we are all smart enough to realize that…so please stop saying we need a new coach, besides who would you bring it?

    I just don’t know what to say about the team, must be a mental block of some sorts, plus they need to just hit the ball, 3 to 4 times that game they tried to walk the ball in, and you can’t blame RVP for those missed chances, that goalie was playing out of his mind that day. When you say missed sitters I would not consider those 4 chances sitters. Just not his or Arsenals day.

    Formation wise, not bad and I like how he mixed it up. Only thing is I wouldn’t start Diaby I would have went with Nasri and Denilson in the middle, Vella and AA on the wings and Bendtner and RVP up top.

    I like the idea of bringing in Eboue for Sagna, Sagna just isn’t the offensive player we need back there. AMAZING left back, but his balls into the box are rubbish.

    Not going to watch or look at the game on Tuesday in hopes that maybe it’s me who is jinxing them right now.

    I think we need to count our blessings that Villa are on a losing form right now, lets just hope we take the max points from here on out.

    Heads up lads, things will turn around and we will laugh at this. Does anyone remember 4 years ago when it came down to the last game at Highbury to overtake the Spuds for 4th place?

    A good run in the CL and the FA and a strong finish will make this season one to remember.

    It’s times like these we need to support our squad.

  2. Fantastic oration USA.

    I am very impressed…you know what? I might publish this as an article for everyone to read your words.

  3. Loving your post USA Gunner, Arsenal needs more fans like yourself ;P

    and dont worry lads, i have a feeling Aa23 will nett his first arsenal goal on thirsday (?) with 2 assist to follow for RvP


  4. No worries, I’m just sick and tired of all the fans calling for the heads of our players and manager. As much as I hate to say it we all can’t have a perfect team and season. Which makes you think how hard it was for the Gunners to do that a couple of years ago. And last time I checked it was AW who was the manager during that season.

    I feel for AW it can’t be easy these days. If we were to lose or sack AW it would be the worst thing in the world. You would see half our team go and we’d be doomed till god knows when.

    4th place in the EPL with an FA CUP final and good run in the CL will be a win of a season for me. I’m looking towards the future and our future looks brights if we can keep everyone.

  5. Spot on man….as always!

  6. you Randy did you ever get my email from earlier this week?

  7. Wise words usa, it takes a hardcore gooner to sustain such belief @ this point in time.Wisdom is a wonderful gift from God.

  8. arsenal will start wining again the premier league when players like niclas bendtner and emanuel eboue will not be first team regualrs,but players for the league cup or the FA cup or sub ins when arsenal is leading 3-0 ,this two are realy shamefull,i can’t stand them anymore…and whe need a better goalkeper…i loved lehman,but he could not play forever

  9. I honestly think AW needs to stay, like usa stated who else would you bring in…..i know AW needs to bring in another striker though, i luv rvp and i know nik is getting better but we need an out and out, villa is going to want to leave valencia this summer as no1 is gettin paid there so i suggest lug off ade and his pay grade off to the spaniards and buy villa, atm its too mch pressure for rvp in my opinion, dudu is still recovering and nik well atm he is 21.

    our defence has sorted itself oout on the otherhand which i am pleased as we aint scoring atleast the other team isnt either lolz

    i support arsenal and the players and le professor and i believe what we have as a team is good but to compete with the mancs etc etc we need to add, eboue should stay right back too btw leave right mid to theo and arshavin, but hey its AWs arsenal and he knows what hes doing!!!

  10. and also i 4got, rosiky , francesc , theo , dudu will be back soon so if not this season please whoever is up there looking down on us bless next season!!!

  11. How can you say Almunia isn’t a top notch goalie?

    Or maybe you just see our back 4 and making him look good. I think he’s done a great job, and also think that Fab is going to be a good goalie too.

    I now but all the blame on our groundskeeper, now that he is gone we can get back to our winning ways! ha

  12. No USA, I never got an email from you.

  13. Randy can you see my email when I post? I have a question about the site and would like to ask ya something.

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