Fan’s Opinion: Reason to still believe

(One of Arsenal SPOT’s regulars made an intriguing post in the comments section for all of us and it is worth publishing.)

By ‘USA Gunner’


Can we keep up the faith and watch for better times?

boy o boy it’s a tough season. First of all you can’t blame AW or call for his head. I think we are all smart enough to realize that…so please stop saying we need a new coach, besides who would you bring it?

I just don’t know what to say about the team, must be a mental block of some sorts, plus they need to just hit the ball, 3 to 4 times that game they tried to walk the ball in, and you can’t blame RVP for those missed chances, that goalie was playing out of his mind that day. When you say missed sitters I would not consider those 4 chances sitters. Just not his or Arsenals day.

Formation wise, not bad and I like how he mixed it up. Only thing is I wouldn’t start Diaby I would have went with Nasri and Denilson in the middle, Vella and AA on the wings and Bendtner and RVP up top.

I like the idea of bringing in Eboue for Sagna, Sagna just isn’t the offensive player we need back there. AMAZING right back, but his balls into the box are rubbish.

Not going to watch or look at the game on Tuesday in hopes that maybe it’s me who is jinxing them right now. I think we need to count our blessings that Villa are on a losing form right now, lets just hope we take the max points from here on out.

Heads up lads, things will turn around and we will laugh at this. Does anyone remember 4 years ago when it came down to the last game at Highbury to overtake the Spuds for 4th place?

A good run in the CL and the FA and a strong finish will make this season one to remember.

It’s times like these we need to support our squad.

25 comments on “Fan’s Opinion: Reason to still believe


  2. go team arsenal – fulham suck

  3. A goal could open the flood gates. That goal could have been Whelan’s injury time goal against Villa. West Brom need 3 points on Tuesday and they play a game that suits Arsenal. It will be tough to overcome 6 points. Goal average could well be the key.
    Eduardo and Adebayor could well be the key.

  4. USA Gunner spot on
    any news on when eduardo will be back he can make the goals RVP can’t we need him
    Adebayor isn’t so good he only scores because the midfield last season rosicky fab flamini hleb was doing amazing stop saying we need adebayor
    our defence is top kolo and willy G seem to be making a much more effective partner ship and clichy may have lost his form but is still one of the best in the prem
    SAGNA IS TOP but he needs to work on those delivieries into the box
    our midfield just needs a cdm we have walcott coming soon along with fab and rosicky so give us some time with nasri and Arshavin we have a super midfield that will feed the balls to eduardo
    we need him hes the new henry
    wenger said RVP is bergkamp with goals hes not he is a man for big occaisions
    i feel playing away would be better right now as the teams need to feel we are vaulnerable and can attack and don’t have to leave 10 men at the box all the times open up play a bit
    they suck now draw loss draw(last draw conceded to goals to stoke in last minutes)
    there are more than 30 points left to grab so lets finsh strongly
    we can win the CL
    we have the team
    the quality
    and hopefully the fans to support us

  5. nice one. someone whos not all doom and gloom. its in times like these when the team needs the support. BOOING ISNT GONNA MAKE RVP SIGN A NEW CONTRACT.

  6. Just not his day? That is really the best you can come up with? Really? In an entire month we haven’t scored a single goal in league play. There’s 11 players on the pitch and about 16-17 players on the team sheet at any given game and not one of them could find the back of the net. While Schwarer did play an impressive game, a more ruthless and cutting edge team would have found a way to break the deadlock – that is the sign of a top class team. As much as I hate the Mancs they do what they need to do in order to get the points – as exemplified by numerous 1-0 scores in the dying minutes of matches this season. We lack the confidence and ability right now. We lack the player who can turn a game on its head at the blink of an eye. What good is the profits we make if we cannot spend them intelligently? I was watching an old Archive game on TV with the Invincibles taking on Citeh and while we were up 1-0, Citeh always looked like they could make a comeback even against the run of play. However in around the 86th minute Henry dribbled past 2 defenders outside the 18, looked up and the expression of his face said “Yeah I think I’ll score now and call it a day”. Boom 2-0 scoreline. While Thierry is a once in a lifetime player, the attitude is still the same for any player. No one on that team now can just know they’re going to score – even RVP. We need a 20 goal a season striker again since Adebayor seems to not want that job anymore after a very promising 07/08 season. Denilson and diaby were made to look foolish by a far more aged and experienced Danny Murphy. Wenger has not found balance in the team and we’re paying heavily for it. I’m not calling for his head, but I am calling for him to live in reality, not this hopeful fantasyland where he thinks we’re doing just fine.

  7. Spot on WC!

  8. First of all thanks Randy, I’m just trying to stay positive in this hard time. I guess I can blame the economy for our bad form this year like we can blame it for everything else.

    in response to your comments.

    1. Sorry misprint about where Sagna plays, but I still think he needs to work on his crosses into the box. With the height of RVP and Bendtner and Ady we should have a couple of chances per game in the air.

    2. It could have been a bad day, but like I said I think there is a mental block on the strikers. And being a current player that starts to mess with you. It’s like a baseball player in a slump. I can see how players pull it back instead of ripping a shot from the 18. They need to somehow just break that score a few goals in back to back games and we will be fine.

    3. I’m still sticking with this youth side. I just am starting to realize there are CL starters and then there are EPL starters. Diaby/Eboue/Vella are CL starters.

    4. Randy can you go back and look at our previous threads this year when we bashed our D for being weak and giving up to many goals? We need to somehow take the positives from this current form and as much as it sucks I have to say we finally have a solid back four. Keep Toure/Gallas next year and just build a team around a CDM that we get in the off season.

    5. Lastly, I think I will be ok with not making the Champions Leage next year. As much as it will suck not watchign those cheesy Heinekni or Amstel light commercials I can just sit back and act like we got knocked out of the first round.

    6. Maybe I’m to optomistic but I support our team and don’t have a lot of respect for the people who boo our team. Do you guys put in 100% everyday at work? Would random people you don’t know booing you make you work harder? Somone said a good point in RVP will think harder of going somewhere else if we boo him.

    Keep up the good work Randy, love the site and thanks for the shout out. Good luck to everyone today and good luck to the Gunners tomorrow.

    Till then

  9. Praise or compliment doesn’t make us a bigger fan nor criticizing or negative comments make us a lesser fan.The way every fan expressed their support is subjective.

  10. Here’s a question, if RVP and CESC leave that frees up a lot of money and space…what do you do with it?

    Forwards you would have
    Ady, Bendtner, Theo, AA, Simpson, Eduardo

    Nasri, Theo, AA, Vella, Rosicky, Wilshire, Ramsey

    with that money you buy another forward and CDM/playmaker.

    I think AW is ok if we lose these two because we would make a ton of money.

  11. maybe we need to concede a goal first,to tell u the truth im really enjoying the 7 CS on a spin we had lately if we got another one in roma we r in the quater final of CL and by then we will have ur strong guns coming back from injuries,bcos what i feel now is that their is no competition 4 positions and AW hands r thighed up,last 3 month he has been in a position where his starting 11 is really the players ho r available and that is not enough but it will change hopefully this month,after all ur season 07/08 took a huge turn in about this period,ho nows maybe things will change once again 4 us but in the other direction. fingers cross…..

  12. Clean sheets are a testament to your defense but they do no good mathematically if you can’t score either. Mathematically I’d have much preferred us to lose 2 of those 4 games we drew and win 2 of them. That’s 2 more points we’d have and 2 more points closer to Villa than claiming 4 clean sheets. We could never concede a goal all season, but if you don’t score goals either you still get 1 point.

  13. so its mental block, stupid. please when theo walcott comes back, can you let him take the forward role i don’t know how but some how get him in there. him and eduardo are our closest assets to thierry. b4 eduardo broke his leg, he was on fire and his return v cardiff was no different. when he broke his leg and the whole team imploded v birmingham, its theo who notched two to avoid an insulting defeat. we all know his mazing run almost won us the way into the CL semi at anfiled two last season. we know how he turned croatia to have beens, and we know his combination with diaby scared the life out of John Terry and coy in the carling cup final b4 drogba inspired our defeat in controversial circumstances. our other strikers are failing, i doubt theses two will fail us as much. after all both are regarded as crown jewels for their respective national teams in the role.

  14. Good point,WC

  15. arsenal are in a terrible run . . . if wenger continues playing with bendtner in forward arsenal will continue playing like this . hi is a sucker . go and play POKER bendtner!

  16. Losing so many first team players is never easy for any manager and team to take. I can understand Wenger’s predicament. As much as he would love to have them back, its not possible due to the nature of some injuries which requires longer time to heal. Under these circumstances, we can see for ourselves that we actually do not have a strong squad. The reserves doesn’t provide the same qualities and consistencies as the first team players. A good example is Eduardo and Fabregas whom we have been missing. Their absence is affecting our performance. This is one area where Arsene Wenger should look into.

  17. i would agree with the mental block reasoning but i still think we need a strong sub bench….we put out the best 11 players on the pitch out of the 16-17 fit players and dont have any inspiring subs left….Eduardo would be our best option up front with RVP…We need a good finisher….someone who can put those tap ins/rebounds etc…..something which Bendtner has failed to do time and again…and so has Vela….I dont blame Vela since he’s still learning…But Bendtner has been in the Premier league for his 2nd season….. I still believe we can finish 4th ….Being really optimistic i feel we can finish 3rd given the way liverpool is dropping points in the premier league….And i am pretty sure Rafa has his sights set on the CL….so i wouldnt be amazed if they dropped more points…BUT again we need to be consitent…need atleast 24 points of the remaining 30…..On the brighter side we still are in the FA cup and CL…. FA cup would be our best bet for silverware this season since we play the next two rounds at home….We are in with a chance in the CL too since our players just turn up more hungrier to win in big games….So Just keep faith in them..Its just begining of March…We are in the business end of the season and the players need all our support….So plz Boo-boys can stay home….CHEERS Arsenal.

  18. Where is Jack Wilshire been? Is he injured? Did they drop him to the reserves after bringing in AA?

    Haven’t seen him in the lineups/bench in quite awhile.

  19. Anyone watching the game online somewhere?

    Sagna, DJ, Toure, Clichey

    AA, Denilson, Nasri, Eboue

    Bendtner, RVP

    Maybe mix it up and put Diaby, or Ramsey in for Denilson…need to do something, or heck even put Eboue in the spot and then slide in Vella on the left.

    Would be interesting to see Eboue play the CDM position.

  20. Almunia
    Sagna – Djourou – Touré – Clichy
    Eboué – Diaby – Denilson – Nasri
    Van Persie

    (Let that sneaky skilled rat do something special :p)

  21. I am talking about Arshavin in the attack ofcours, for who doenst understand.

  22. That’s a good one…still think Eboue would be a good choice at CDM…he can get forward but he also can get back and play his natural role.

  23. pink boots!

  24. unreal

  25. The reason we have struugled this season is we have too many average back up players getting games

    Diarby, Song, Denilson, Eboue, Bentdner

    you can get away with playing one or two of these guys but we’ve had to start with most of them week in week out

    When you think of Arsenal you think of chrisp passing those lot give the ball away to easily, we should sell them to Spurs Ha

    To their credit they have helped us maintain but we haven’nt been able to push on with them.

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