Video Highlights: West Brom. 1-3 Arsenal

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18 comments on “Video Highlights: West Brom. 1-3 Arsenal

  1. Bendts 3rd goal reminds of the goal of RvP vs everton

  2. Poor Bendtner,you are the most crucified and exalted forward in the team. One moment you are crucified for failing to put the ball into the net. The next moment, you are exalted for scoring…LOL

  3. Let’s not get carried away with this win over the basement side. Team like Arsenal stature should win games like this. IF Arsenal’s performance remains inconsistent, there will be more disappointment to follow.

  4. Ya, Bendtner has the most relaxed attitude in the team which he should get rid of. As a striker he should always have that urge to score. Now he needs to be consistent from albions game. He should always remember he is a striker and not a defender so while in the pitch he should act like that title of a striker!!

  5. True Gunner, he has been upping his game over the past couple of months, if anyone has too much of a relaxed attitude its ade before he got injured, Bendtner is working his ass off lately, just his finishing has been letting him down. Did anyone else notice last night the amount of times Arshavin was open in good positions but didn’t get the ball, it’s like the rest of the team of would rather pass to each other.

  6. bendtner
    ok fine he plays score goals a couple of times
    but his body language is not a gunner-type.

    shoo shoo
    bring gibbs please

    van persie
    wat happened y no goals nemore?

    nice but plz improve ur finishing

    turning out to be a gr8 keeper

    im sorry the players havent gone with u well
    i saw u getting into positions but i also saw NO ONE PASSING!

    plz make him a first team regular!

  7. Namit have to disagree with you on most of your thoughts…

    Bendtner- working his ass off, I’ll take that over Ady who half ass’s it any day. A good work ethic will bring a lot more goals, and it has than someone how expects the ball at his feet every time. Right now I hate to admit it I’d run Bendtner over Ady.

    Clichy, how can you say bench one of your pillars at the back. Sagna, Toure, Gallas and Gail..you can’t get much sounder in the back that that! Gail is amazing with his pace and his knack to get back after pushing forward. Gibbs will have his time, just don’t know when.

    RVP- the goals will come, I think he was trying to hard and felt the pressure of being the only one on the team that can score. When was the last time our Midfield scored a goal? They are the ones that should be taking all the heat for this lack of goals. Honestly now that I think about it, who was the last midfielder to score? That’s not good!

    Vela- just needs more time, he’s small and he needs to learn how to move forward with the ball. It looks like he dicks around with the ball and tries to just take on the defender rather than play the Arsenal way and pass it around the defender. He’s good and will only get better with every game in the PL.

    Almunia, great keeper can’t fault him for that goal. Horrible wall

    Arshavin, I didn’t notice that, but don’t put it past our guys. Denilson, Song don’t look at the whole pitch the way Cesc does. AA will get his looks and he will score hopefully here soon otherwise you’ll start to hear what a waste of money he was.

    DJ- ewww don’t think he is our first choice at CB with Gallas playing out of his mind and Toure deciding to show up.

    All in all a good win with a good team. I think our midfield is our problem to tell you the truth. They don’t score and they are slowing up the pace of play. I don’t want to put all the pressure on the boys coming back (Theo, Cesc) but hopefully it helps open the pace of play.

    What do you guys think of Eboue playing the CDM in the middle with Cesc?

  8. A striker may not necessarily score in every game but he should create chances for his strike partner to score. The best striking combination Arsenal ever had was Frank Stapleton and Alan Sunderland during the 70’s. Between them, an average of 20+ goals were scored. They truly worked hard and complement each other very well. I find these qualities lacking in our present strikers who would rather score goals for personal glory.

  9. Last year was like that with Eduardo and Ady. AW needs to find a rotation that he likes and a rotation that can mesh and flow together.

    We need our mid to score, after thinking about it I think Denilson was the last to score against Villa.

  10. Do you start Rosiky when he gets back?


    Sagna, Gallas, Gail

    Toure (stopper)

    Theo, Cesc (CDM), AA, Nasri



  11. usa we should play eduardo in front of RVP not behind

  12. […] Video Highlights: West Brom. 1-3 Arsenal […]

  13. we dont start rosicky right now!
    he’ll need time to get bck to scoring wayz
    maybe play him in other competitions like uefa r fa cup
    sagna – toure – gallas/djorou – gail/gibbs
    AA – cesc – nasri – walcott
    eduardo – van persie
    maybe bring ady inn sometime
    rosicky could be on the bench
    vela will be der
    and obviously denilson and diaby will be w8ing!

  14. we need a cdm denilson needs time
    i suggest loan him to a premier league club that will play him and let him develop
    and were 3 points behind villa now after a 2-0 defeat at city :D

  15. ya i no
    i saw the match
    the match could have gone either way
    but man city deserved to win that day!

  16. Happy to see Arsenal back in the title race, Bendtner surely can become a great striker for Arsenal. When Cesc would be back he should play CM with Diaby (not Denilson.) I like Andrey and I am waiting for his first goal in an Arsenal shirt. Thomas, Eduardo, Theo back soon. (Too many good midfielders :)

  17. Arsenal back in title race? A 4th place maybe more realistic.

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