VIDEO: Arsenal 3-0 Burnley

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21 comments on “VIDEO: Arsenal 3-0 Burnley

  1. 3 great world class goals. Arsenal playing sexy football. This is what sets Arsenal apart from others. The goals can be described as brilliant, spectacular and out of the world.

  2. Like I said before, I missed this match (with the idea of not jinxing by watching), but I really wish I had spent time witnessing those three goals as they happened.

  3. Randy,Randy, you can’t be that superstitious aren’t you.

  4. By the way, thanks for showing us this video highlight. I would not mind watching these goals again and again.


  6. All Song and Eboue haters!!! eat your hearts

  7. Wenger has often defended his boys especially those whose game might have suffered due to mistakes or drop in form. He had consistently defended his boys from criticism because only he himself knows what his players are truly capable of.By defending his players,he is actually telling them that he still have belief in them. It really means a lot to have not only manager but fans to have belief in them. Go Gunners!!

  8. like wenger i always defended eboue because of what i saw him do in 2006. my difference with the gaffer over him is that thought he decided to play him in an unnatural position. i still believe is the best on right back and does even better going forward from that position. again remember 2006…………

  9. SPOT ON saminator !

  10. eboue-improving
    vela-improving and all other youngsters!
    fabregas and walcott along with rosicky are couming back!

  11. The real challenge now is for the players to maintain the same level of performance and consistency till the end of the season. Arsenal had achieved it before by going on a 49 long streak without losing. I believe we can do it again.

  12. wow, the 1st two goals were world class.

    Well, i rate eboue only as a right back, not in any other position. and about song, he is too slow for the premier league and the CL. Remember, this is a championship side, not to take anything away from song or eboue, they both had good game. but when it comes to top class opponents they are not good enough, eboue surely aint and song still has to learn a lot. Gilberto could have tought him something if he were still at arsenal, shame wenger let gilberto go, he was a true professional. I really felt very sad for gilberto when wenger let him go. :'(

  13. suicidalsam, I felt the same way too when gilberto left us. A true professional and a wonderful man. Being a world cup winner himself, he showed himself to be humble and teachable.

  14. There may be some element of truth regarding our recent opponent (a championship side) but i remembered Song’s performance during the last African Nation Cup whereby his strong performance received raved reviews from football experts. Mind you that the African Nation Cup tournament is of very high standard too.

  15. Gilberto is our unsung hero.

  16. All you people who like Eboue must start rushing mr wenger to sign him on to longer contract. his contract expires this year.

  17. OMG, you have really spoken some sense Niamor.

    Eboue CAN possibly pull off a Flamoney.

    Damn, all this while, minds were elsewhere.

  18. […] Video Highlights: Arsenal 3-0 Burnley […]

  19. I can’t watch the video just because im ini Jamaica. this is crap

  20. Oh sorry Niamor…I have no idea what the problem could be.

    Is this the first time?

  21. I praise everything you did listed here. I’m keen the area wherever you say you are doing this to give back even though I’d suppose from all the remarks this is doing the job for you at the same time.

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