VIDEO: Roma vs Arsenal

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14 comments on “VIDEO: Roma vs Arsenal

  1. We were lucky manneto(or whatever his name was) missed his penalty…

  2. Luck is well accepted in every sport. It is not something we can ask and seek for. There’s no explanation to it. We just have to accept it. Well done Gunners for winning the sport kick. Thanks Randy for this Video Highlight..

  3. luck how do make that out? they missed we didnt.they bottled it we didnt….or do you think scoring from the spot is luck not skill .dont be stupid boy

  4. We need both skill and luck when it comes to penalty. sometimes the keeper with a little bit of luck will guess correctly and at the same time needs the skill to catch it properly.

  5. Arsenal have got in some good penalty shoot out practice ready for the latter stages of the compo.

    I seem to remember Man Utd needed a bit of luck in the final last year, so Arsenal are not the only lucky ones.

    Can’t be many penalty shoot outs in history where the result was 7-6.

  6. Anto, dont say Arsenal was lucky, rather say that Roma was lucky when they were playing at the emirates…only if ( for example ) Bendtner just hit the ball right…

  7. Arsenal was unlucky not to score more goals at the Emirates to finish off Roma.

  8. all’s fair in love, war and football. we got what we deserved in the end no matter. long live the gunners!

  9. i dnt think it was luck for arsenal it was roma t ones that were lucky cum on arsenal i hope we win the fa cup n champions league

  10. i dnt think it was luck for arsenal it was roma t ones that were lucky cum on arsenal i hope we win the fa cup n champions league

  11. Luck wins sometimes boys? Look at Man U last year…

    Luck or skill when Jens made that save against Villa some years ago? Sometimes your not always at your best and you need a little extra help. I’ll take it and will take the win.

    And for those calling for RVP’s head…go put your head up your own arse. Who was the one saving us from Everton, Liverpool, Roma, Chelsea…drop RVP you guys are F’ING STUPID! While were at it should we also drop AW too…god that pisses me off..sorry Randy for the negative comments…

    nice job on highlights.

  12. It’s so boring with the english dominance in CL. Is nothing more than hard physical work and straight-forward play, It leaves no room for technical details. Look at Liverpool, the most boring team of the 4, they maybe have max 2 players there have the skills to drible past another player, but a lot of fantasy-empty physical players there can run, run and run

  13. im lost

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