Report: Arsenal 4-0 Blackburn Rovers

By Randy Osae

https://i1.wp.com/d.yimg.com/i/ng/sp/empics/20090314/16/3031969392-soccer-barclays-premier-league-arsenal-v-blackburn-rovers-emirates-stadium.jpgA rampant Arsenal saw off Blackburn and regained temporary top four status with solo contributions from Arshavin and a late emergence of Emmanuel Eboue.

Nothing else could beat Arshavin to stealing attentions with his first of many. But a dazzling Eboue did add talking points and so did an amusing Bendtner.

An Italian excursion three days ago forced Wenger’s hand on the team sheet. William Gallas, Abou Diaby, Emmanuel Eboue and Robin van Persie were handed rests with Johan Djourou, Andrey Arshavin, Alex Song, and a stronger-shouldered Walcott all  starting.

Exertions from Wednesday night were likely to take a toll on Wenger’s men if they took a habitual patient route to goal. They didn’t in fact.

Merely two minutes in, Walcott raced and swept a low cross in from the right. It was the ‘Andrey’ romance that bundled it home – as a tangling Andrey Arshavin and Andre Ooijer left Paul Robinson beaten.

The Emirates Stadium’s announcer had been desperate – just like everyone else – to reward Arsenal’s new signing with his premier goal, but replays clarified the back of Blackburn’s defender had touched the ball last before entering the net.

El-Hadji Diouf, was the visitors’ main thorn in Arsenal’s flesh – especially that of Almunia, with the Senegalese being booked for lunging into Arsenal’s stopper who remarkably dove to tip out Pedersen’s dangerously looping header later on.

It was then turn for Nasri’s agonies. The French youngster struck the post with a well-taken free-kick before being denied by a spluttering Robinson from eight yards out later on.

Had Sagna, Djourou and Almunia not pounced onto a free Pedersen right in front of  goal, missed chances at the other end would be least of their concerns going into the interval.

To begin a lively second-half, Walcott dashed past his marker and went within scoring range, but horribly shot astray.

The pace of the soon 20 year-old proved a rekindling factor in Arsenal’s attack as he sprinted and cut back a fine pass for Bendtner who could barely guide the ball.

Arsenal had smartened after the break to end the contest quick. They were all over Blackburn, but Bendtner was the prime culprit of wastefulness here.

The Dane was again fed in by Walcott, but hesitated to shoot when one-on-one with Robinson who punched away his final act. Bendtner suffered that same fate when another ball arrived in the area with Rovers’ defenders stranded. Again, he was dull to react.
He was becoming a liability with Arsenal still stuttering to kill off Blackburn.

Arshavin though, had seen enough profligacy and so intended to be the solo slayer. The Russian received a pass on a very bare left side of midfield, headed straight towards goal, ghosted past Simpson on the byline before firing into the top corner of the net from a point-blank but acute range.

That was genuinely his first goal for Arsenal.

With Vela already penciled in for substitution, Bendtner still had time to blaze the ball into the stands after another opening in Blackburn’s defense. He had been a liability and paved way with some flattering applauds from fans. Walcott also joined the bench with Eboue on, but the English winger had different reason to cheer up – it was job well done for him.

His replacement narrowly missed out on poking home Arshavin’s searching low drive into the box. Eboue never looked confident enough to flick the ball into the net on that occasion, but with two minutes left, he made amends in a similar case – stabbing Arshavin’s saved but uncleared effort right home.

And all of a sudden, with two goals in three appearances, Emmanuel Eboue was flying high in confidence.

Soon, Vela was thwarted in the box and the Ivorian was first to grab the ball. Eboue was much desperate than Arshavin to be the showman, and he converted the spot-kick with awe.

Everyone was cruising today.


33 comments on “Report: Arsenal 4-0 Blackburn Rovers

  1. The goals are back at the Emirates. Yes!!!

  2. Be afraid.. Be afraid.. Villa….LOL…

  3. Stop jinxing..stop jinxing…Kidz..LOL

  4. I bet Eboue and Song are heroes now!!!

  5. I bet Bendtner has been slaughtered, butchered and hanged in the dressing room by now!!

  6. Randy, another happy day for the Arsenal fans.

  7. Come on , Randy…be merciful..LOL

  8. Man…this could have been 10-0! What is Bendter thinking now. Arsene has to either sell him or try and rehabilitate him. Misses like that could be costly later in the season. Geez. But for once the play was ebullient, effervescent & enjoyable. Tore the Blackeye Rovers a few new arseholes!

  9. it’s nice to see arsenal back on track… i hope arsenal will by Fuat Spahiu 24 from Macedonia (KF KORABI-DEBAR),young middfilder compared with Pires

  10. Andrei Arshavin’s 2nd goal trade mark topcorner cracker

  11. We were on point today. Walcott was a man today. He took onevery1, as did Arshavin. Arshavin shoulda had an hat-trick. I woulda thought Arshavin woulda taken the penalty to get his hat-trick. Fair play to Eboue who cae on to cause a nuisance.

    Bendtner was his typical self (VERY WASTEFUL). How many chances does he want? Need to get rid of him in the summer!! I mean the guy coulda scored at least 3 goals if not more.

    Big shout out to Song. The boy was winning everything in the middle of the park.

  12. Arshavin you lil magician you! Damn, i love this guy. And Song is turning into a brilliant DM. Get in you reds.

    Ill be cheering for the Spuds just for tomorrow.

  13. what a day! we are a winner & manure is a loser……lalalalalala!!!!!!!

  14. The return of Wilcott, Dudu, Frabagas and Ade is bad news for Aston Villa. Their next two games with Man U and Liverpool will both be lost (in addition to tomorow with tots).

    A few additions during the summer will mean competiting for the EPL leadership right from day 1.

    We need the goals and they are begining to come.

  15. delighted to hear the goals are there. One thing………..i see people saying song was great. Now why couldnt those same people defend the man when he wasnt doing so great. Lets help bendtner

    one for all and all for one?

  16. Excellent game all around though Nicky is still a long footnote of misses. He really needs to learn how to score – those are Sunday evening kick around chances that he cannot afford to waste if we are to rise again. Arshavin looks like money well spent, we could have used his energy and invention in Europe. Song showed up on the right day but I’m still suspect of his consistency.

    Good result, 4th place – Come on Spurs!!! Don’t be stupid for once this season.

  17. This was a beautiful showing. Though Bendtner missed a ridiculous amount chances, he started us off well i must say…his checking and layoffs started a lot of the attacks he missed in the first place. He really needs to get up his finishing confidence…confidence is everything to a striker. (as a striker myself)

    All in all it is very exciting to think about Cesc, possibly Rosicky and Ade coming back. I am really hoping that sitting on the bench has brought back a little bit of the desire that I felt was lacking in the two of them at the beginning of the campaign. The possibility of silverware is there.

  18. Why Arshavin did not take the penalty? I hope that it wasnt Kolo Toure (the captain) the one who deceided who should take it, because giving it to your friend Eboue will be very bad for the team.

  19. Great game today, as much as I want to bash Bendtner I can’t, you can’t blame a guy for making all those chances for himself. Just mental towards the end, really glad the fans didn’t boo him. He’ll be back and he’ll score for us, just don’t give up on him yet. This is our team and we should support them and the players.

    I was really happy with how Denilson and Song played today. That was a first, Song was sticking people and making great 1 2 balls with Denilson.

    Theo’s pace..great to have back..

    Arshavin…starting to get the game, great ball to Bendtner on that breakaway

    Nasri, solid again

    Eboue- ha just got lucky, right place at the right time.

    Diaby, not a good showing

    Defense, they look great

    Almunia love the fire he had today, he’s a good keeper guys

    AW- great team he put out there today, rested RVP and did a good job managing the team.

    All around great game and fun to watch, they looked like they were kids out there enjoying the game. The back 4 and middle two the backbone today and the rest of the lads out there playing and having fun. ARSENAL SOCCER IS BACK..LOOK OUT VILLANS!

  20. Hello All,
    Brilliant today.
    I don’t think we need a cdm anymore. I don’t think Denilson will be first choice, once fabregas comes back. Also I think wenger is going to start playing 5 man mid more often, to accommadate nasri, arshavin and walcott. the fifth spot can be shared by song or diaby. its just too potent. this team is developing into a real menace.
    bendtner was comically abysmal, you almost feel sorry for him, because he gets in to such great positions. what to do, what to do…

  21. Bendtner, just not his day.

  22. Bendtner and denilson must be relegated to the bench by arsene if we are to get any silverware this season. Leaving bendt for so long before substituting him was very unprofessional by wenger,the young man felt very embarrassed and foolish.Nice game anyway,always new we would finish in top 3.

  23. lil wayne i think it was a great move by wenger not to take in off

  24. To pull Bendtner would have been worse. He played well and worked hard, just could not finish. Its a mental thing. People forget that he is only 20. How many 20 yr olds start for a top four club and have the number of goals and assists that he has, very few(pato). He should be nurtured not murdered. He will come through soon enough. Beside that everyone did their part and played well. 4-0 what is there to complain about, seriously.

  25. actually messi…. is younger, starts and sCORES few…. LOL

  26. Song was massive today. Let us hope that he stays consistant. Nicky… What can you do if you have ever played it happens sometimes and it is a bear. Forget about it and score when you play next.

    Arshavin. Top Class

    Defence was fantastice

    Denelson. Good enought to give fa a rest against bad teams.

    All in all very nice!!!

  27. Great victory!

    Greetings from Barranquilla, Col

  28. Despite Bendtner’s wastefulness, I still feel he had a good game. Even if he didn’t score, his link-up play was sublime, and despite being the lone striker up front, you didn’t really notice it because of that. Adebayor is much poorer in this aspect because he’s more one-dimensional; if he doesn’t score, there’s nothing else really that he can do, whereas Bendtner can be a post player, bringing others into play. At the same time, I do hope he learns some composure in front of goal. It’d be a shame to see a player with so much evident talent being shipped out due to his lack of scoring ability.

    If I may say, Denilson seems to be fast becoming Gilberto. Evidently, he must’ve learnt many things from our former Brazilian stalwart. I was watching him for most of the game (as much as I could), specifically only for his off the ball performance, and he was ‘The Invisible Wall’. I just thought that he was lacking the physique, which is a shame really, because a bigger Denilson would be an animal, but I was really impressed with him. Song too, particularly, as he is the bigger of the two, and I’m glad that they’re both playing really well.

  29. if we can keep this team together and have Cesc back..in 2 years we will be where man u is right not. Denilson and Song are playing well and our back four is amazing! has to be the top back four in the world right now. We just need some luck and a team chemistry other than that we are a great team. They are clicking and I think a win vs Hull and and a FA cup or CL good run with a 4th place finish will be a great stepping stone for this young team.

    Whats up with Wilshire is he hurt right now?

  30. i wanna see this team playing too often with just 2-3 changes when cesc( and eduard of course) is bck!
    sagan toure gallas clichy
    walcott nasri cesc ashravin
    eduardo RVP
    where are they?
    clichy i support u over gibbs now!

  31. gosh,leave bendtner alone for a moment,he’s only 20 for gods sake. he was wasteful, but energetic and enthusiastic as well,he had a bad day.forget it.song had a brilliant game when cesc comes back we should play song alongside him,not denilson hoe the yids beat villa

  32. Wilshere is playing in the reserves and under 18s now

  33. why would u need wilshere playing when u already have nasri,arshavin,diaby,denilson,song,ramsey,walcott playing as midfielders in the first team…with fabregas and rosicky back…we wont have place for a midfielder even on the bench….let wilshere get some good reserve team football and i am sure like walcott arsene know when to get the kid on the scene….y make him sit on the bench and not let him play the under18’s n reserves…..and as for as bendtner what people are missing is that he gets into great positions and his one touch play is great…..he sets up very nicely and also has a vision for a great pass…. he will need to work on his finishing though and give him some time please…… need eduardo to be back in training and teaching ade,rvp, bendtner how to finish …….eduardo for me is like rud van nisterlooy who has a natural instinct for the goal……and is a great finisher…. for now lets just enjoy the win hope we thrash hull….( revenge time boys….)

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