VIDEO: Arsenal 4-0 Blackburn

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18 comments on “VIDEO: Arsenal 4-0 Blackburn

  1. The 2nd goal was great!

  2. now that was arsenal football boys!

  3. ok y bendtner played again?
    the whole team was gr8 except bendtner according to me!

  4. Nicky will get there, he just needs that little bit of luck then watch him go.

  5. the gunners are the hero of the football game!But not all can appreciate it!!

  6. tort-em-ham 1 , villian 0. Love thy neighbour

  7. The last time we drew 3 games in a row at home was 99yrs ago and when we played the fourth one we won 4-1 against blackburn….what a coincedence!!

  8. Great historical facts, JROCK.


  10. Why do you all bring BEndtner down so much the fans are part of the reason he is playing so bad ly he is obnly 20 years old what do you expect from him???? to score goals every week?? I feel he played well. He only needs to improve his finishing. he created the first goal witha great pass. Maybe he could play in the hole instead of striker now.

  11. the mad cows won against villa wooo hoo.
    Tort-en-ham 2 Villa 1

  12. Back in 4th!!! We need Villa to drop or tie 1 more match and then I would give us the inside track for the final CL spot.

    We still have Mancs and Liverpool away, Chelsea at home. Villa only have Manu and Liverpool We need them to drop more pts. We also need pts from the other games from the big 4.

  13. To qualify for the CL spot is now in our own hands. We decide our own destiny Come on guys, the team needs all the support they can get from us fans. Yes!! the mad cows won!

  14. Fans who are always calling for the players head especially when they don’t performed to their expectation have very short memories. The last time was Eboue and now Bendtner. Come on , be a real fan and not a plastic fan.

  15. Here are some facts, why Bendtner must play..

    For 20yrs old guy, he has great agility, timing and he is good in the air.. Maybe he needs little more time to become more calm when it comes to finishing, but he is still good player. Remember the Ade’s fist season? He wasn’t world class player, but now, if he’s fit is one of the best strikers in the world. You can see Ibrahimovic, Drogba and other giants.. Big teams must have player like that, to cause problems when it comes to long balls duels with opposit defence.

    The same is with Ebue. For me, he is one the players who can lead the team. He has aggression, tireless heart and would strive to improve Arsenal.Yes, he’s little bit naive, but the confidence comes with age.

    So my dear fans, no matter what is our league position, we must belive Arsene, our boys and clubs policy. The trophies will come sooner or later.

    Take care and regards for Slovenia.

  16. […] VIDEO: Arsenal 4-0 Blackburn […]

  17. Arshavin was great, hopefully he will replace Bendtner when Adebayor come back from the injury

  18. @Strakos
    Well Adebayor didn’t claim to be the best scorer in the whole team. Just face it Bendtner is a lousy scorer, he might get better in the future but right now he needs to train alot and get rid of that additude

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