Arshavin NOT out of squad for Hull, Eduardo not back, Almunia injured

By Randy Osae


Working to be fit for Hull

Andrey Arshavin is not completely ruled out of Tuesday’s FA Cup quarter-final at home to Hull City.

Earlier reports had condemned the Russian’s fitness to be a definite absentee tomorrow but despite suffering a wound on his right foot on Saturday, odds are he could have a chance to continue finding form.

He did need stitches to see out the rest of the match but Andrey Arshavin is adamant he can participate in tomorrow’s cup tie – his boss said so today.

Wenger also gave out a few formalities in his selections on Tuesday. Almunia will be rested of course but he sits out with an injury sustained from Diouf’s late tackle and is now a concern for Saturday’s visit to St. James Park.

Eduardo da Silva will have to wait some more for a recovery from his groin injury. The Croatian was expected to be available for tomorrow’s fixture but Wenger has clarified he is still in pain.

“Arshavin had eight stitches in his foot but he is still in the squad,” Wenger told Arsenal TV Online on Monday afternoon. “We will make a decision tomorrow.

“He is desperate to be involved. He just wants to play. He couldn’t practice today but we’ll assess him tomorrow morning.

“Almunia is out – he would not have played anyway but he is a doubt for Saturday.

“Also Kieran Gibbs will play tomorrow night, Clichy is completely rested. Aaron Ramsey is not in the squad too. At the moment he is growing in stature and a bit tired so we will rest him. Apart from that everybody is in.”


53 comments on “Arshavin NOT out of squad for Hull, Eduardo not back, Almunia injured

  1. Arsenal beat Blackburn in the absence of a few key players like Rvp,Diaby and Gallas.They were not injured but rested. I believe that despite some injuries after the Blackburn game, we have players mentioned above stepping in to ensure victory.

  2. Fabianski
    Van p-Vela

  3. The key is gibbs. He has played in all of FA Cup games so far and has done well. IT will be interesting to see how he performs against Premier League players.
    Gibbs has a big future ahead of him at Arsenal as our future left-back.

  4. I wouldn’t like it to seem as if i don’t have con

  5. Mike, I like your squad. However, I’d like like to see Arshavin in the starting 11. He needs more playing time. If he isn’t ready for tomorrow due to his stitches so be it. We will need him for the league games.

    What does everyone tink about tomorrow’s game? Are we going to walk all over Hull, or not? To me we need to win this game and rush towards Chelsea. I saw the Chelsea/Man C. game and it was BORING. I’m not taking anything away from them but I think this is a good time to take them on. We can take this FA Cup.

  6. Yes, I’d like to see Gibbs again. He has impressed me A LOT! The kid has a bright future with Arsenal!

  7. I wouldn’t like it to seem as if i don’t have confidence in Fabianski,but please Arsene when we make it to wembly against chevski,hope we’ll have Almunia back? We desperately need a trophy this season , no sentiments in selection PLEASE.

  8. i’d like to see eboue start (can’t believe i’m sayin this) in RB instead of sagna so that sagna can get a bit of rest. he’s been looking a bit tired and jaded as of late plus eboue is on a run of form.

  9. The FA Cup is special because throughout the history of this competition, many ‘giant killers’had appeared to knock off favorite teams. So long as we go about our business in a professional way ( not underestimating our opponent), victory should be ours.

  10. lill wayne, i am with you about sentiments. The FA Cup is one of our best chance to win a trophy.

  11. Would like to see Gibbs signing a long term contract with the club.

  12. Kidz..remember there’s a newly included feature to the site at https://arsenalspot.wordpress.com/injury-update/

  13. Thanks Randy.

  14. revenge time i feel….we need to play football the Arsenal way and m sure we will sweep off Hull.

    starting11 cud be sumthin like
    sagna toure djouru gibbs
    walcott nasri song vela
    rvp bendtner

    (vela playing only if arshavin can’t make it)

  15. fabianski is world class lil wayne, playin him instead of almunia in the cups is the right thing to do. goalkeepers need competitions aswell. i think hes done well every time hes played, hes better now than almunia when he first started playin for arsenal and he is still only 23

  16. Arsenal against Hull City:
    Gibbs – Djorou – Toure – Sagna
    Samir Nasri – Denilson – Diaby – Arshavin
    Vela – RvP

  17. what about rvp and theo walcott?? we need them and for a long time..get them to sign a contract soon or we mite have a flamini type situation agin…cmon Arsene

  18. umm
    sagna – djorou – toure – gibbs
    nasri – denilson – diaby – walcott
    Van Persie

  19. aladdin, you are correct to say that Fabiansky needs competition. I like him because of his reliability but I would rather go for Almunia (now)because he is on form if given a choice.

  20. Sup, its good to see that you have included Bendtner in your line up. Its time to redeem himself after the Blackburn game?

  21. has no1 realised that SAGNA REALLY NEEDS A REST!!!!

  22. tickets are on general sale for this one from 38 pound no membership needed

  23. fabianski

    sagna toure djourou gibbs

    eboue denilson diaby (arshavin or vela)

    van persie

  24. Come on… Guys!
    Give Arshavin a rest!

    He is a human being, with 8 stitches in the foot! (I thought it was 4 stitches in half time? So, four more after the match?)

    At least, we should be ABLE to play Hull without him, right?

  25. I agree! Sagna, needs a rest and I’m almost certain he will get it tomorrow! Eboue, can fill in perfectly for him.

  26. Loft, i am with you.

  27. Brenda, despite Arshavin having 8 stitches, he insist of playing. What should Wenger do?

  28. arsenalkidz, we all know how Cesc has said, I’m fit to play! Arsene, didn’t put him in as he knew he was not ready and would’ve probably worsen his injury if he had played. Arsene, will make the right decision tomorrow to play Arshavin, or not. Arsene, knows best!

  29. i think both sagna and denilson need rest they have been starting all season now….and arshavin can be brought on as a sub if needed….dont risk him starting cuz we need him more in the league games….m sure vela can fill the void against hull….and yea rvp and bendtner starting….bendtner needs to know that the manager backs him..else he will never recover frm this…and dont forget he does get into great positions and his slick passes leave the defenders crazy…need to show faith in him…..

  30. Right on…Loft

  31. fabiansky eboue toure jourou gibbs walcott diaby song vela bentner rvp

  32. fabianski
    eboue djourou gallas gibbs
    walcott song diaby vela
    rvp arshavin

  33. I will go with this lineup :

    Eboue – Toure – Johan – Gibbs

    Walcott – Song – Nasri – Vela

    V.Persie – Bendtner

    Both Denilson and Sagna needs rest. Same goes to Arshavin, why would we risk him and losing him for a longer time with his injury? Come on guys, it’s Hull and we have other very capable players to beat him!

    Ok prediction time, I will go for 2-0 Arsenal win.
    Scorer – Van Persie and Vela!



  34. Anyone know whats up with Wilshire? Would love to see him play tomorrow.

    Sagna, Gallas, DJ, Gibbs
    Theo,Denilson,Song, Nasri

    Bring on Vella for Nasri
    Nicholas for RVP
    Diaby for Theo

    I feel AW feels this is our best shot at a cup so he needs to play his full squad. I like this lineup it give some key players rest and also puts a hell of an attacking team out there.

    Pissed I can’t watch the game tomorrow. Stupid work

  35. Whatever team arsene brings, i will gladly welcome it….I am very optimistic!! as longas we are at the emirates and seeing vela, asharvin and van persie, its enough to bring confidence back in the team…I believe we are on a wining run…c’mon you gooners

  36. arsenekidz, consider: he is new here, he desperately wants to impress the boss, the fans and the dressing room… It’s normal for him insisting playing. (And maybe there is also something to do with the Russian image of “tough guy”?)
    But the determination should be taken by the medical group and Arsene.

    agree with Loft^-^

  37. i jus have to say its good feeling having all these selection dilemmas,firstly i think Arshaz should stay on the bench and brought on if needed and Sagna needs a rest.so i would go with sumn like this

    __________vAN pERSIE

    Vela for Nasri later on hopefully we wont need Arshaz coming off the bench and we can also rest Gallas and Sagna

  38. If bendtner starts tomorrow Wenger should talk to him for an extra minute or so about finishing and his confidence in the pre game warm up i hope boro piromac(not sure of how is name is spelt) should give him some tips and the boys should encourage him!
    That’s my say!

  39. […] Arshavin NOT out of squad for Hull, Eduardo not back, Almunia injured By Randy Osae Andrey Arshavin is not completely ruled out of Tuesday’s FA Cup quarter-final at home to Hull […] […]

  40. I hope Bendtner if selected will take this game to redeem himself.

  41. WHy does this top posts wordpress keep on coming to this site. RAndy are you get any awards from WordPress about Arsenal Spot??? If not why is this person here???

  42. Who is has the best goal celebration on the arsenal team?????
    Who is the best dancer on the Arsenal team??
    Adebayor, EBoue, Song. They should have a dance off and Arsenal fans have a vote!!!!!!!!!

  43. Yes Niamor, WordPress (the site’s general hosts) recognizes this blog for every post that attracts a large amount of views compared to other blogs. (not just Arsenal but general) So you can see how popular Arsenal SPOT is there.

    It’s not spam at all.

    And the best dancer goes to Adebayor. After all he is the only one who often scores among that bunch anyways to dance for us to see, but we only saw Eboue’s solos due to the rare scoring form he is on.

    Props to Adebayor’s dance after he scored at Anfield in the UCL last season.

  44. Nah this is prolly the formation will see

    Gibbs – Toure – Dojuru – Sagna
    Denilson – Song
    Theo – Nasri – Vela

    65- 75th minute Vela out for arshavin
    65- 80th minute Bentner out for RvP
    and 65- 80th miunte Theo out for Eboue

  45. My vote for the best dancer goes to…….E…boue!

  46. Wenger’s probable line up:


  47. Sagna needs a break. Play Eboue.

  48. It dont matter what squad we got aresnal are gonna be the winners ;-)
    lovin the website

  49. I believe we have finally found someone who can turn the game around in the person of Andrei Arshavin. We used to have Thierry Hendry doing it for us. We do need players like them or for that matter every team should have. We tend to find these players in most of the successful clubs.
    Barcelona- Messi
    Man Utd- Ronaldo
    AC Milan-Kaka
    Liverpool-Stevie G & Torres just to name a few and
    I believe there are many more.

  50. arsenekidz,
    barca has 4 such players- messi, henri, eto and iniesta.

    i believe rvp is a player like that too but he’s a bit inconsistent. however, i feel that the presence of arshavin will make everyone raise their game – we are already seeing signs of this in walcott.

  51. NYGunner, totally agree with you. His presence will raise everyone.

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