Eboue nears contract extension

By Randy Osae


Going nowhere

Emmanuel Eboue is beginning to win over his critics at the Emirates Stadium. Three goals in as many outings suggest so, but there are worries these are his last acts at the club.

Like Van Persie, the Ivorian has only until may to extend his Arsenal stay, with links of an Italian move being forged.

Wenger though, has broken the silence on Eboue’s future, and confirmed that the 25-year-old will have more to serve to the fans than just his past two weeks of rare bliss.

According to the manager, paper works in the contract extension have been formalized.

“We have already tied up Eboue’s contract – that has been done for a long time.” Wenger said

Arsene also lauded the reemergence of the versatile midfielder and suggested his attitude can be very exemplary to the misfiring Bendtner.

“Of course Eboue’s an example [for Bendtner],” He said

“Bendtner will [turn it around] I am not worried about that, I was more worried about Eboue at one stage. Fans want performances and that is the only way we have to respond.

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18 comments on “Eboue nears contract extension

  1. I’m glad to see Eboue has signed a new contract. He has improved rapidly in the last month. I hope he can carry on his gd form and keep scoring and assisting the team.

    Yes Bendtner can take a leaf out of Eboue and Arshavin’s book and learn to compose himself in fornt of goal. The boy has a gd future at Arsenal, as long as he starts putting away his chances.

    Up the Arsenal!!

  2. Yeah, this is great news. And it’s been a perfect two weeks for Eboue. Hopefully it will be a perfect month – adding more next week.

  3. Good news. Lets hope RvP and Theo also do the same.

  4. A million thanks Randy. I meant it to be Arsenal-Blackburn game.

  5. Eboue signing is good for the team and himself. He still has a part to play under Wenger. As for himself, to be able to rise up above difficult circumstances will make him to be a better player and person.

  6. Sometimes players struggle to get supporters affections. A guy like Eboue is used all over the pitch and has no complaint if he is used 90 or 9 minutes. I am glad to hear that Wenger has rewarded his loyalty.

  7. I think it is great that Arsenal are finally finding ther true form! I always believed in the team. I have had my share on Bendtner and Deilson (been hard on them), but I have seen harsh words from Arsenal fans against these players. People were very skeptical about Arsene not getting it right! A lot of people bashed Arsene, Eboue, Bendtner and other players during their poor form. Now that things are looking bright for the most part everyone has brought down their tone. We have to believe in Arsene’s process and be patient with the young lads they are very young. There is NO team in Europe as young as Arsenal team and still in the CL and top for in the league (that speaks volumes). People, stick with the team during good or bad times. If this is your team till you die then act like it! I know everyone has their opinion but when we start bat mouthing our OWN team it looks classles! Now, lets go get the CL/FA Cup and see how far up we go at the EPL table. Cheers to evertone! Go Gunners!

  8. I think it is scandalous to offer that cretin a new contract.

  9. Good news. The lad has defied all odds to discover his goal-scoring talent. We forget that every player has his best position on the pitch, and that Eboue’s is the right back, ocupied by an even better player by the name SAGNA. Such utility players are rare to come by – lucky Arsenal!

  10. A fan is someone who admires a person or group.
    A supporter is someone who cheers and encourage a person or group be it during good or bad times. (Oxford Dictionary).

  11. arsenkidz, good to see you are an intelligent lad.

  12. arsene needs rvp and theo to sign the contract too….cmon….dont want a flamini like situation again….good to have eboue for long…we need this set of players for a long time…only then we can be successful….can’t have 4-5 players leaving every summer and start building again….

  13. Yeah it’s very vital for Arsene to sort out those contracts. But I just have that feeling we WILL NOT keep all our players this summer.

    Another season of ruing key exists is up.

  14. Let’s keep our fingers cross.

  15. fingers crossed but i have that feeling too….
    but the players shud realise that they are at a greatfootball club and are getting a lot of playing time…..just look at hleb and flamini…hleb is so unambitious…. he left arsenal where he was in the starting 11 every week and at barca he has what 3 starts this season….that too in Copa del Rey…
    flamini wanted silver ware…his ac milan are even out of UEFA cup…cmon playing should be of importance not money…..i mean do u think van persie as rumoured to Inter…would he get picked before zlatan ibrahimovich,adriano,cruz…….cmon stay here guys…arsenal is the place for you…!!

  16. If I only was subscribed to arsenal tv I would know why Eboue took the penalty and that goal celebration.

  17. Almost forgot Happy birthday Walcott!!! now that your 20 try to score or help to score 20 goals.

  18. my god, what are you talking about? Eboue a versatile midfielder? comeon , he cannot play in the midfield. He is a decent rightback and thats it, nothing more. and why hasn’t wenger tied up RVP, RVP should be the FIRST priority not Eboue.

    N anyone who subscribes to Arsenal TV, why did Eboue take the fking penalty? Arshavin was on a hattrick. AA should have taken it.

    Wake up Wenger, tie RVP up before the Flamini situation arises again.

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