Fabregas officially denies spitting allegation

By Randy Osae


Cesc was on the pitch right after win

Cesc Fabregas has publicly moved to deny accusations by Phil Brown that he spat at Hull’s assistant coach Brian Horton during full-time on Tuesday night.

The Tigers’ boss made complaints in his post-match interview and bemoaned both Gallas’ controversial goal and the hostility of Arsenal’s missing captain Fabregas.

The Spaniard does have history of such altercation with the opposition’s official after a feud with then Blackburn boss Mark Hughes at the end of another FA Cup meeting with Rovers in 2007.

Fabregas though insists he is absolutely innocent this time.

“I categorically deny that I spat at anybody after the match. I have never done this in my whole career on the pitch, so why would I do it when I am not even playing?

“I can understand the frustration of losing a game to a dubious goal, that has happened to me many times in my career as well. But this is not the fault of me or any of the Arsenal players.”

Fabregas’ incident only adds to an alleged lack of sportmanship from Arsenal’s perspective after Arsene Wenger himself stormed into the tunnel with a few glances back right after the final whistle – neglecting a handshake with his counterpart Phil brown.

20 comments on “Fabregas officially denies spitting allegation

  1. that hull coach is a twat. he’s just angry hull lost in the last 16 minutes to a superior arsenal side and tries to find someone to blame. He even accuses AW and the home crowd to have influenced the ref! If it worked (and i don’t believe it) I think it’s the refs fault cause he shouldn’t be influenced by anyone. He can even say that the pitch was shit

  2. Brown is a twat and a terrible loser, but when they were ahead his arrogance shone throu, hope you go down you arrogant bastard and I hope Cesc spit at YOU next time!

  3. Couple of points- if he spat then thats poor.

    Setanta pointed out that Wenger did look around at the final whistle but Phil Brown wasn’t on his way to the tunnel so wenger just continued down the tunnel- a big fuss over nothing.

    With regard to the crowd influencing the ref- is that not what we want from the emirates crowd? We get abuse from teams like hull up norf saying our ground is a library- when we play up there its often like a bull pit. Now the emirates becomes our 12th man and they don’t like it!!! Please.

  4. i agree he’s just trying to make people talk of something else other than the fact that his team was outplayed after 35 minutes till the end….and if fab says he dint do it i would trust him on this….he’s not the sort of guy who would go about this way…..and if at all there was an altercation ( i dont mean spitting ) ..houghton did need to be taught a lesson for insulting and having a few words with wenger during the first half..after they scored the goal…….wenger commands respect….and that is not how to react when ur side is 1 up..and as for not shaking hands i agree a bit childish…but tempers were high and m sure there was more to it than that…..wenger makes a point to shake hands always…

  5. You fucking moron. Get your facts right. I could have sworn this is a spud blog. Dont need idiot fans like you.

    Wenger didnt shake phil idiots hands because he wasnt there. He wasnt going to wait there for him.

  6. Phil Brownn is an angry and depressed individual! All the way through the game, he seemed to make gestures and pull faces at obvious decisions against his side. He should move on and not blame AFC for his troubles. Trying to put 10 men behind the ball isnt football and hes learnt that the hard way, maybe he should concentrate on not telling his players to waste time as he may fair better?

  7. Me….you’re an idiot man. We all witnessed Wenger do that, and that’s why Pat Rice tried to make up for it with his handshake.

    Just because I can fairly spot a few little glitches with the attitude of my team does not mean I’m a rival fan of the club.

    That’s insane, you. I suggest you get your nonsense right.

  8. Brown is a bully – hope they get relegated!

  9. Me..i think you should watch the game with your eyes open…..Pat Rice made up for wengers mistake.. whats wrong with accepting Wenger’s behavior was childish and lack of sportsmanship… and its not just Randy who spotted it…commentators , many viewers on TV…and don’t about going say that all of them are blind…..

  10. actually it seems that cesc has done this in the past so im a bit disappointed:

    in any case, it was a heated, controversial game and cesc might’ve gotten caught up in the moment. he’s still pretty young and everyone makes mistakes. we all know he’s a generally a boy of good character.

  11. just say that phil brown is an asshole.. who is so arrogant during the first half… and when his team took so long for a throw-in .. he laughed! and he thought and believed so strong about “DEJA VU” that Hull will eventually haunt arsenal yet again… but in the end.. the good guys always win…

    I was smiling like what Brown did…and told myself..” that was an offside ! ”

    haa… Mr Brown, Mr Brown… see who have the last laugh ???

  12. 1 – Setanta shows Wenger looking towards the Hull dugout twice. Within the next 30 secs they show Brown saluting his fans near the away end. I reckon Brown was so fv(ked off that he walked off without turning around to see if Wenger would shake his hands knowing full well that Wenger has not extended his hand before! So what? Big deal. Jose didn’t shake Ferguson’s hand after the inter game.

    2 – the spitting incident. Brown’s story changed here. In his Setanta interview he said that Fabregas encrouched onto the pitch and spat at Horton. Later on Sky [during his press conference] he said that Fabregas spat at Horton down the tunnel – sort your story out Brown. Which one was it?

  13. i watched the game and Hull City were… timewasters… say what you like about Arsenal but we have not even been accused of that particular crime under Wenger. in fact AW’s philosophy is to get another goal, whatever.

  14. anyway, i would not shake that git’s hand because i would then have WASTE TIME washing off the fake tan residue left behind…

  15. Brown is desperate to win cos he wants to secure his job at Hull. As Wenger not shaking hand with Brown, could it be Brown is busy protesting with referee over Cesc’s ‘spitting’ incident and Wenger has no time to wait for it to be over. Brown should have decency to shake hand first and later protest over the incident.If the spitting is untrue, Brown should apologised personally to Cesc and professionally to Arsenal Football Club for his remark.

    As Gallas’ goal, I think the ball deflected from Hull goalkeeper’s punching hand, if it was, then goal stood. Is a close call.

  16. Phil Brown is a loser,he made jeers while his team led.Intentionally annoyed Wenger with his jeers and constant arrogance.What nonsense is he referin to about the Emirates crowd,his Players took to antics of killing the game with their time wasting……….he should go to Anfield or Animal Farm and see how the crowd influence the referee.Should Wenger hav waited for him to meet him in the tunnel openin….he needs to show respect men.

  17. let him take this pill and swallow it in pain

  18. Phil Brown , a typical sore loser. He is blaming the whole world but himself.

  19. he’s blaming the crowd for influencing the refree.??? now he has a problem if emirates has a capacity of 60,000 people and 58000 chant arsenal……has phil brown been to anfield / sansiro at european night…. if he has a problem with a crowd m sure hull wont be able to string a simple pass toether at anfield/sansiro or fenerbache….cmon accept a defeat… u were outplayed the entire 2nd half…and a quarter of the first half…dont blame stuff at the refree….think about ur goalkeeper flapping at corners fumbling free kicks……

  20. hope it had covered his face

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