VIDEO: Arsenal 2-1 Hull City

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14 comments on “VIDEO: Arsenal 2-1 Hull City

  1. some thoughts on watching these highlights.

    1. Give Bentdner a hand, that was pure hustle for him to place that ball across. And his presence in the air on that last goal was a problem for the keeper. Job well done coming in super sub. Round of a hand to you.

    2. Arshavin is well worth the money, what a great little ball across to RVP. Did you see him AA slap Willy G after his goal? Pretty funny.

    3. He was onside when Nasri played the ball, it’s a goal.

    4. Good for Willy G.

    5. Did you guys see the fire in the team and the fans after RVP’s goal? That was great, that would have been a great atmosphere to play at, and screw you Brown for complaining about our pitch. Learn to play with the big boys and then bitch. Go to Fenerbachie, go to Roma and play you pussy!

    6. Hopefully this lights a fire under our butts and gets up going. Love seeing AW fired up! FUCKING GREAT!

    job well done Randy.

  2. Andrei Arshavin, this guy is worth the wait. If he doesn’t score, he assist. A GREAT addition to the squad.

  3. William Gallas has this habit of popping in goals during crucial moments. Yes!USA Gunner, good for him and good for us.

  4. great victory, but I think the 2nd goal is outside
    go for chelsea!!

  5. The 2nd goal may be controversial but it is not the manager or player who makes it legitimate, its the referee. These things happens everywhere even in World Cup and we just have to accept it whether we like it or not.

  6. if you watch the reply of the ‘controversial’ 2nd goal – the keeper actually gets the last touch before Gallas so it cant be offside.

    Not that the linesman could have seen that tho.

  7. and how can anyone take anything Phil Brown says seriously… with that £1.99 Maplins microphone taped to his head.

  8. We have always seen these goals enter the net when the assistant referee is watching. The case of Arsenal’s, I think the referee acts like he has been enjoying the passes, the flair so instead of the player being offside, it’s the assistant who is. But we just deserved a win.
    Arsenal for ever! Julius from Uganda.

  9. It’s nice to see Arsenal get a call once in awhile. And i have to say today was a day that I finally new that Arsenal was going to pull the lead back. It’s been a long time coming this season since I’ve felt that but it feels good knowing our team is at full strength.

    The end of this year and the run into next is going to be magical. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see AW keeping this team and them running it next year.

    Give the man credit I think he’s on to something.

    Where the hell is Wilshire? Anyone?

  10. Ball was off Djourou b4 the keeper touched it therefore Gallas was offside then. But who cares, we won and we meet Chelsea. Can’t wait.

  11. When you spend 45+ minutes with no ambition to attack, then you don’t deserve anything but defeat

  12. Guys!what matters is a win, whether Gallas was off or onside,the goal was allowed.Lets now focus on Chelsea game bcz we badly need this trophy.
    Geoffrey Rwanda

  13. goal 2 ball comes off the goalkeepers fist, JD was in front of the keeper……………keeper gets the last touch.WG was therefore not offside.not as clear cut as phil brown would have us beleive.

  14. what is with this off side talk man?
    we lost to liverpool in the champions league last year because of shameless referee mistakes..please give Arsene and his kids a break

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