Sagna is a Father!

By Randy Osae


Loves kids and has one now!

No other Arsenal player has toiled more than Bacary Sagna this season.

With Justin Hoyte sold to Middlesbrough into the campaign and his brother Gavin loaned out later on, Sagna has been Arsenal’s main choice of a right-back even with the versatile but much-maligned Eboue at Wenger’s disposal.

The French defender has appeared consecutively in all Arsenal games in 2009 but it appears this is just not a year of rest for the 25-year-old.

The source of grace and burden is; Sagna’s wife gave birth to a bouncing baby boy days before Arsenal’s league visit to West Bromwich Albion earlier this month.

‘Bac’ – as he is dubbed by colleagues  – is a father now, but has shown admirable manliness to deal with matters at the Emirates Stadium and back at his now diaper-filled home.

Indeed, only his mates at the training ground new about the news, but was forced to lift the lid in a recent interview with the club’s TV channel.

https://i2.wp.com/farm4.static.flickr.com/3622/3360159951_5f4038e141_m.jpgThat was the motive behind a goal celebration between Toure, Sagna and Arshavin after the second goal against West Brom. The trio waved their palms from side to side in a gesture of comforting a baby.

” Yes the celebration at West Brom was to mark the birth of my baby”. Sagna revealed in an exclusive interview on Arsenal TV

Baby Sagna has made life even tougher for Arsenal’s humble full-back, but the new father accepts the responsibility and will dress his son a total gooner.

“I am tired of course. But that’s life. It has been a tough time and I want to give thanks to my wife” he said.

As for the boy, I have already bought a kit for him.”

12 comments on “Sagna is a Father!

  1. congratulatons!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great!! Congrat!

  3. Outrageous!
    The baby was clearly offside as he was born and refused to shake Phil Browns hand.
    The birth was very emotional for Bac and as he swooned on to the floor he was booked for simulation.

  4. they should not call sagna as “bac”…. Bac sounds like bacteria

  5. LOL@nnn

  6. Congrats sagna. But pls keep playin like a boy but not lyk a father. Nevertheless take care of him cos the hope of our future right-back lies in his hands.

  7. Congrats Sanga!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Unsung HERO! Congrats. Thank you for ALL. Hope baby Sagna will make you proud like your late beloved brother. Glad he is a Gooner! All the best!!!

  9. Is indeed a good news to hear about the delivery of sagna jnr thank god for that

  10. great!!!
    i hope he has a different hairstyle thn his father…. :)

  11. […] Sagna is a Father! By Randy Osae No other Arsenal player has toiled more than Bacary Sagna this season. With Justin Hoyte sold to […] […]

  12. wow,Allah’s so Great for helping our Colegue/Brother upon being a father.
    Take good care of your son since it’s big blessing from Allah

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