Almunia returns, so does Silvestre, Cesc and Eduardo train

By Randy Osae


Defensive boost for Gunners

After a few days of nursing an ankle injury at the hands of Diouf’s sickening tackle on Saturday, Manuel Almunia is likely to return in Arsenal’s goal on Saturday.

But he is the only injury concern resolved for the trip to St James’ Park. Fabregas and Eduardo were able to take part in the team’s training session on Thursday, but in his interview with Arsenal TV online, Arsene Wenger insisted the weekend comes too soon for the duo.

The manager though, has given Mikael Silvestre the nod for selection on Saturday.

The French defender had been missing since he limped off 30 minutes into the FA Cup 3rd-round tie with Plymouth but did return for a place on the bench in Tuesday’s quarter-final.

“Almunia could be back,” Wenger said. “He had a good training session today so it looks like he will be available.

“Fabregas and Eduardo have come back into full training today but I think they will be short for Saturday.

“It is the first time back for Cesc. He is physically fit but he needs a few training sessions. So it will be after the international break for him.

“Silvestre is fit and available but Adebayor is not ready yet.”


25 comments on “Almunia returns, so does Silvestre, Cesc and Eduardo train

  1. hey goerge

  2. Anyone think adebayor’s days are numbered at arsenal?

  3. Why would anyone think so?

  4. hahahaha

    That first guy is mad….!! lol…..who is george??

    Anyway, am looking forward to the saturday match, we are definately going towin.The sky is the limit to what this arsenal team can achieve!! 3-0 to arsenal.

  5. IM waitin 2 see ade and fab return and play along side arshavin ,bendner has 2 improve his finishin , i feel bendners ball controll has improved since AW started playing him on d wing.

  6. IT feels like we suddenly have a big squad. hIp!..hip!..hooray.

  7. I don’t really want to see Silveste back, I would rather play Gibbs than that old man.

    He sucks and we sucked when he played. If AW starts him in anymore games I will be pissed.


  8. LOL…USA…f**king LOL

  9. USA GUnner, is Silvestre that bad?

  10. Silvester is washed up and should never be starting for arsenal if we are to achieve any success.His best days are behind him and look how long he’s been out with a minor injury, that tells it all.

    We have adequate cover @ left back in Gibbs and Traore who will be back by the end of the season.
    At center back, song, and djourou can fill in plus yet to return senderos, except his loan is extended or he’s sold. But either way, silvester should not be on our roaster. Dear Wenger, please kiss him goodbye come end of season, nuff said

  11. I too think Silvestre has been pretty bad when he’s played this season and would much prefer Gibbs at LB or Djourou at CB over him.

  12. I remembered Wenger bought Silvestre because of his vast experience to guide the younger players and play a bit part that is to act as a cover in case of any injuries to the defenders. IF he is not wanted as a player on the pitch, can he be a defender’s coach?

  13. Yes.. i think that adebayor’s days at arsenal are over soon…

    He has been prostituting himself to barcelona and milan last season and this season as well.

    Remember last season with the saga going on, adebayor came out and say he knew NOTHING about all the talks going on. Say he was on holiday switching off his handphone, and not knowing what is happening at all. Saying he did not make any contact with Barca and Milan, and things like this. Saying he is devoted to arsenal and wants to be with arsenal to win things. Then he got a 80,000 pounds per week contract.

    Then just a few weeks back, he mention he KNEW that milan and barcelona are interested in him. And then follow by saying never say never, because you do not know what will happens in football.

    This guy is a jerk. He can fuck off.

    Another guy I think would be leaving arsenal is RvP. Though I dont wish to see him leave, but he may get big headed knowing that inter and barca are after him and may thus looks for other challenges and leaves arsenal.

    Well, well, in my opinion, I think our team would play much better with bendtner as the target man. Look at the way our team plays against hull city with RvP in front. There wasnt much urgency in our attack. Long balls were obviously useless when RvP is playing.
    When Bendtner came on, he was able to help us attack the long balls both in offense and defense. He is good in everything except his shooting. I believe many of you would agree with this.

    Just my opinion, my best arsenal line up would be as such:

    Arshavin Nasri Walcott
    Song Fabregas
    Clichy Sagna
    Gallas Toure

    Call me crazy, but I believe this team is the best. Though bendtner may not be the best strikers, but he gives us an advantage with his commitment, his aerial ability and his willingness to bring other team members into the play. Also he makes assists. We have 2 other strikers in walcott and arshavin and they can attack and cut in from the flanks to provide the ammunition. Nasri can be the link up between midfield and bendtner as well as taking a shot on goal when opportunities come knocking. Denilson and fabregas will act as a screen for the defense and at the same time fabregas can have a dual role in picking up the ball in the middle of the park and picking out the attacking players with his laser-guided passing. Fabregas can also move up to join the attack when chances are available. Song can just stay behind and be our defensive midfielder. Based on his recent displays, he can be a good player if given a run in the team. Furthermore he likes to play the simple game by passing short, unlike diaby who likes to wriggle his way out of danger. Denilson is another play whom I think can excel along cesc, but i would go for song as he is taller and has the experience of being a CB to help him along (he is more defensive minded).

    In defense, Clichy is more experience than gibbs therefore he starts ahead. Give gibbs another one or two seasons and i would choose him over clichy. Sagna is a must for we have no other options. Both our full backs can join in our attack to support arshavin and walcott thus allowing them to move inwards to attack. However, they must know that they cant cross the ball and thus refrain from wasting precious chances with they wayward crossings, especially clichy. Toure and Gallas, though not friends are the best CB we have. On their very best, both are defenders that srtikers hate to be up against. Their only down side is that neither of them are tall. In that case djourou can come in for either one. Almunia is my first choice, as he has become a much better GK compared to the start of the season. He is good but can be better next season.

    In reserves, we would have Rosicky, Eboue, Ramsey, Gibbs, Traore, Senderos, Djourou, Denilson, Diaby, Vela, Wilshere, Merida, Eduardo, Fabianski, Silvestre and some of the youngsters coming thru. RvP and Adebayor of course, if they are not sold in the summer.

  14. Sell Ady, keep RVP, and bring up one of the young CDM’s to help.

    Would love to have them keep onto Toure and Gallas but I don’t think that is going to happen.

    I would be happy with Wegner keeping this team as they have been through a lot and can only get stronger.

    There were times when Man U was building and they didn’t freak out. This team keeps playing together they will be a force and scary good! The biggest problem your going to have is trying to play all these guys and not having them whine and bring down the moral of the team.

    I like where we are at and am so looking forward to next year. Dam Galls great post and I believe you with Bendtner but not as a starter right now. That belongs to RVP still. Soon though, soon!

  15. Say whatever you like but i feel that Bendtner is not good enough to be a Arsenal player. I have always try to wish him well whenever he puts on the Arsenal jersey but often times he disappoint. After a few seasons with The Arsenal, there’s really not much improvement unlike Theo Walcott or Vela.

  16. I agree about Bendtner and maybe about RVP. ANR’s been saying the same thing. I really like RVP so I hate to think he’s too slow to play with this team, but at this point I’d love to see:

    Vela Edu Walcott

    Rosicky Cesc Arshavin

    Clichy Toure Gallas Sagna

    There’s not a holding mid but wow wouldt’t that be scary?

  17. bob, you reminded me of a movie by mel gibson entitled ‘Brave Heart’..lol..

  18. almunia
    saga gallas toure cli

    walcott fabrigas arshevin


    thats the best line up we got right now untill we get a better dm player i s use song we would have a very good bench van persi
    i still think ade is our best target man for us in a 4 5 1 formation when ade plays with cesc he plays way better and van p cant play in a 4 5 1 up front by im self neither edu and bentner is till not ready yet walctt for rosicky van p for nasri and the rst i will leave it to the boss

    as always


  20. Randy, I have always enjoy being here at Arsenal Spot. I like your writing style and skill. You have been very helpful and resourceful to all of us members here. You are a person who walk the talk. Although sometimes we may disagree on certain matters, we always find ways to settle it in the Arsenal way. We fans and supporters are here at Arsenal Spot to share and discuss things about our beloved club because we all loved the club. We members of Arsenal Spot are like a big family. Today, I must admit that it is unlike me to say and passed comments which is unpleasant. I do not want to justify my actions but I must say that I am being provoked in an unreasonable manner. My sincere APOLOGY TO YOU Randy if ever I have caused you any problems. Keep up your good work because there are many here who appreciate and enjoy your work. Cheers!

  21. Goonerchris, why can’t we all be friends? You used to be such a nice boy, and now… I think the success of your blog’s gone to your head, old son.

  22. How old are these kids for God’s sake?

  23. omg…is this a blogsite or a insult-site?…coz most of the comments have nothing to do with the topic. The owner of this blog should delete irrelevant comments…

  24. […] Almunia returns, so does Silvestre, Cesc and Eduardo train By Randy Osae After a few days of nursing an ankle injury at the hands of Diouf’s sickening tackle on Saturday, […] […]

  25. […] Almunia returns, so does Silvestre, Cesc and Eduardo train By Randy Osae After a few days of nursing an ankle injury at the hands of Diouf’s sickening tackle on Saturday, […] […]

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