New injury concern for Walcott’s season

By Randy Osae


Not again!

It’s back to square one.

Theo Walcott suffered a devastating knee injury during yesterday’s training session and is reportedly deemed to be sidelined for the remainder of this campaign.

The news was the unthinkable for Arsenal fans who had witnessed Monday’s birthday-boy (now 20 years) strive into form which has rekindled the Gunners’ season.

The only certainty at the moment is Walcott’s omission from tomorrow’s trip to Newcastle and international duty for England. But a scan later today will provide the final verdict on the winger’s fate for the season’s run-in.

Here is Wenger’s confirmation.

“Walcott got injured today in training,” Wenger said. “We have to test it, he has a scan on his knee today.

“We are surprised and worried. He was in very good form coming back and that is very bad news for us and for England.

“For the rest of the season might be too long, but he’s out of tomorrow’s squad and he could be out of the England squad.

“He locked his knee so it could be a cartilage problem. He did it walking back from training. He was fully normal during training but maybe it only came out when he stopped.

“We have to see how he responds today and I hope it’s not really serious.”

Again,  Walcott suffers an injury no one else but those at the training ground saw.

24 comments on “New injury concern for Walcott’s season

  1. bullshit, sky would of coverd it by now….bet he starts 2moz!


  3. this is a blow!!

  4. tommy you are wrong man.

    Arsenal.com have already confirmed it man.

    All we can say is FUCK!!!!!!!!

  5. oh fuck no

  6. what the fuck. this is such bullshit. why are our players always getting these BULLSHIT injuries. FUCK!

  7. what the hell is that?
    maybe arsenal is unfortunate

  8. i hope its not serious, the international break is a good thing as far as this is concerned, hopefully tomorrow will be the only game he misses for us.

    saying he’s out for the season is premature.

  9. excellent superb!
    a collective noun for injuries
    feel like kicking his a**!

  10. I am half wondering if this is to get him out of international duty. I reckond that we will find out that the scan is ok and he only misses tomorrow.


  12. The timing of Theo Walcott’s injury just sucks. Let’s wish that he will have a speedy recovery.

  13. @namir
    nice definition of arsenal.lol

  14. Is there any other team like Arsenal who can be so unlucky to be plague with so many injuries? The most frustrating part is that upon recovering, these players got injured again. Just look at Eduardo and now Walcott. Its so unkind to Arsenal.

  15. Damn that sucks, at least Eboué seems to be hitting form just at the right moment, so Arsenal should be grand.

  16. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Dont worry.. Walcott would be back soon.. I know his injury is not very serious (not something like what happened to owen at world cup 2006). He most probably only misses newcastle and would be back 2 weeks later to take on man city.

    Worry not, as long as we pull thru tomoro with a victory, we would be fine. Cesc is coming back too. Useless adebayor is coming back too. We have enough cover at the moment. Eboue is playing well too.

    When cesc is back, wenger can play(in epl and Fa cup):
    Arshavin Fabregas Nasri
    Denilson Song

    Or play (in Champions league):
    Bendtner Fabregas Nasri
    Denilson Diaby

    We have enough cover, dont forget we still have eboue the “goal machine” and vela as well as eduardo that can help out in the midfield. At most we just switch back to 4-4-2.

    But i hope Walcott would be back quickly though.. we need his speed. But i am not worried.

    We drew villareal, the drew seems favorable to us, but we msut not be complacent. We must not underestimate villareal. I look forward to a good run in both the Fa cup and Champions league.

  18. Damn_Gallas, good post.

  19. Its not being arrogant but belief, deep within me I am actually looking more towards our Champion League’s match against Manchester United. We should be able to gun down the yellow submarine. We have played Manchester United with favorable results and I optimistic that we can actually go all the way. The key word here is belief.

  20. yeh Damn_gallas u made all good points, makin me think positively already about our gunners, silvestre is bak as well which will boost out bak four options. Adebayor will cum bak strong i reckon he has a point to prove, we have to win tomoz tho otherwise villa will get 4th!!!

  21. Good article.

    It’s a shame about Theo, but if he’s only jarred his knee, I’d expect him to be out for less than a week.


  23. Ok, I’ve just read that he’s out for 5 weeks.

    Such a shame for the young lad, my heart goes out to him.

  24. […] New injury concern for Walcott’s season By Randy Osae It’s back to square one. Theo Walcott suffered a devastating knee injury during yesterday’s […] […]

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