VIDEO: Newcastle 1-3 Arsenal

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Match Report Here

23 comments on “VIDEO: Newcastle 1-3 Arsenal

  1. Watching those V. Persie passes brought back some memories of DB, not quite as good, but he’s def. getting there. I cannot wait to see what he and the rest of this Arsenal squad will produce 2-5 years from now. All Wenger needs to do now is keep this current crop of players together just as DB, TH, Pires, PV, Freddie and the rest of the old guard matured together.

  2. had a nervous 1st half but finally came good in the 2nd. Wonder what did wenger said to the boys during half time break.

  3. what a week……………

  4. what a wonderful perfomance but Diaby passes much to be desired

  5. Bendtner continues to do it…I just don’t get it! ha

    He’s a good player and brings a lot of trouble into the box with his height.

    Good outcome today, if you think about those dropped points against the Spurs (4-4) and the Villa game we’d be sitting pretty right now. OH well, keep on pushing Gunners and let’s keep supporting this team. They are gelling very well together right now.

  6. one more thing.

    Nasri and AA are amazing! Great playmakers that really know how to play the game. They are fun to watch!

  7. I just heard from the sports radio station that Wigan had beaten Hull by 1 – 0 . its like music to the ears. Phil Brown, you deserved it. lol…. By the way, who do you think should be the man of the match for the game against Newcastle? I have thought of Bendtner because of his high work rate but i change my mind. I now choose RvP for assisting in the two goals.

  8. Wooo…. yeah Wigan won Hull… and Liverpool leading Villa by 3-0… its not even half time yet…

    Come on Pool thrash villa for us… and Manchester United.. take your frustration on Villa next time you see them.. Thrash them too… Wooooo!!!!

    We welcome back Cesc Fabregas and Theo Walcott for the Manchester City Game…!!!!!

    I love Arsenal!!

  9. Aston Villa is down by 3-0 to Liverpool. Yes!

  10. Besides Fabregas, Walcott,and Adebayor, I am really missing this player Thomas Rosicky whose nickname is ‘Little Wizard ‘He is in fact one of the most intelligent player around. I believe together with Nasri and Arshavin, Our attacking prowess is second to none.

  11. Cheers for the video link Niamor!!!

    One of my sources had already given it to me..but thanks!

  12. […] VIDEO: Newcastle 1-3 Arsenal Match Report Here […]

  13. No prob man. Hopefully Cesc will be Match fit for man city. Robinho is a very greedy player who was Micahs goal? It was clearly going in and he had the audacity to touch the ball and claim it was his.
    It’s good to know we have have friends at Wigan who can properly dispatch Hull. Phil’Madman’ Brown shall go. Before the match I predicted Liverpool to win 5-0 and I got it right.
    Btw Randy where’s karlos’ post game review and your player ratings??

  14. IF arsenal sell gallas buy micah richards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. No, we should’nt sell Gallas. Ever since he lost his captaincy, his performance improved greatly. He still make mistakes but then who doesn’t?

  16. Got to say goodnight Kidz…I have had so much time with Arsenal SPOT cuz we were on spring break.

    School resumes tomorrow and even though you will not see me often with updates, the past week has been outstanding for everyone one of us Gooners.

  17. Goodnight Randy, thanks for the great time together with all of us Gooners. Wishing you all the best in your future undertaking. Take care bro’and God bless you.

  18. Did some one say sell Gallas for Richards?????
    Oh my God!!! richards? he is pure garbage man!!! a lot of power and no sense…
    we are never selling Gallas. the team is near perfect.

  19. I didn’t say we should sell gallas. I said IF WE SELL GALLAS, we should buy micah richards

  20. Carlos,its true that Niamor only mentioned IF.

  21. Randy, good video fella!!! I missed the game. 1st game I missed this year. I’ll be watching the replay tonight on SETANTA.

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