Former Gunner gives perspective on Arsenal without him

By Randy Osae


Had his moments at Arsenal

Once an Arsenal sweetheart, forever an icon.

Freddie Ljungberg is still working his kicks and tricks in America after saying goodbye to Arsenal in the summer of 2007.

The 31-year-old now plies his trade in Seattle, Washington after signing for the Seattle Sounders following a brief stint with West Ham last year.

Arsenal’s former hot-heeled winger is serving a lucrative post in the MLS (worth $5 million a season) and in relax mood, studies his new surroundings.

The Swede held his first interview on American television with ESPN and expressed memories and concerns for his old employers. The latter part of the question/answer event was an all-Arsenal topic.

For a man who spent nine years as a Gunner, Ljungberg might know a thing or two about the close-up of Arsenal Football Club.

Here is how it went.

On his time at the club…

It was the best years of my life. We were like a family and had great players and a great team. And we kind of won everything we could win. It was like having eleven captains on the pitch as everyone knew what he was supposed to do and we also socialized well off the pitch.

On Wenger gaining more pressure as people come and go…

Maybe it is a bit harder for him now with pressure of not being allowed to spend as much money as he used to, but he is a great man. And also when he buys players, he looks at not just their quality but how they will fit in the dressing room because he doesn’t want any problems.

On the Frenchman staying even longer at Arsenal or leaving soon…

I don’t want to say anything to make the headlines. I know he is a winner just like anybody. These days when they don’t win and are fourth or fifth on the table, he is angry as anyone. But I don’t know, if he gets a great chance to work somewhere he can be allowed to spend more and win things, then there’s a possibility he will go.

On Arsenal not being mentioned in talks of the Premier League’s title chasers and under-achieving since his departure, Ljungberg reacted like a season ticket holder at the Emirates Stadium.

Excuse my language but it pisses me off a bit because for me, Arsenal are the biggest club in England and we should not be taken for granted. I feel we should be talked about a bit more, but of course, things have changed since I left.

16 comments on “Former Gunner gives perspective on Arsenal without him

  1. Freddie get healthy before the game in Denver so I can see you play mate.

  2. What an absolute star! That man is class on and off the pitch

  3. He wasnt so much of a STAR when he left Arsenal…not sure if you lot remember but he said few nasty things at the time?

    He said: “Two years ago, when I signed my last contract, we talked a lot about the future and about bringing great players to the club. Despite building the new stadium, we wanted to stay top in England and do well in Europe.

    “For me that didn’t really happen.

    Come on he in it for the money nothing else…

  4. aurther we where all told we would sign “super class players” not just freddie at least we know the manager bullshits the players too!!!

  5. Arthur, don’t let one ill advised or potentially inaccurately reported comment spoil the memory of Freddie. He worked really well with Bergkamp and for that alone deserves to be remembered fondly. When he left to go to West Ham did you really expect him to say that he never wanted to leave The Arsenal and that he wished he was still there.

  6. “I don’t want to say anything to make the headlines.”

    Looking around Newsnow, seems like he already has!

  7. Potter

    I’m definitely fond of him and I appreciate what he’s done for our club, however I must say his comments when leaving Arsenal were rather uncalled for as for a profiessional like him.

    He’s had his time and thats was that why didn’t Gilberto say anything like that when he left?

  8. After spending some wonderful years with The Arsenal, i think he might be bitter having to leave the club.That’s the reason for his comments. Anyway, he had been a very good servant to the club. Coming back to Gilberto Silva, he is indeed a true professional as a player and a very nice person. He still think of Arsenal and has always wish the club well till this day.

  9. not an exclusive lol.

    good articleeee.

  10. A positive comment from Gooner Chris hopefully no more bashing

  11. What state do you live in Randy??

  12. I live in Texas…if you have any other questions, send it to arsenalspot[a]yahoo.com


  13. Sounders FC!! So excited to get to see him play here.

  14. […] Former Gunner gives perspective on Arsenal without him By Randy Osae Once an Arsenal sweetheart, forever an icon. Freddie Ljungberg is still working his kicks and tricks in […] […]

  15. Arthur, Ljungberg came out the next day and said that he never said those words. We still love Ljungberg because he’s got the best hair of all our ex-gunners.

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