Insight: Arsenal’s party boys on show

By Randy Osae


There's always life after Wenger's orders!

Anxiety is gradually vanishing off the shores of north London these days but fans are barely the ones making the most of it.

Arsenal’s players have been enjoying themselves on weekend nights if not just boozing (to be harsh) a bit after completing their match day assignments.

Partying has become a method of easing stress of the better part of the season and it is just intriguing to find out which of our Gunners are rarely taking rests at home during after-game midnights.

There was some jubilation off the victory over Newcastle going on at the baller/wagabee haven, Movida on Saturday night.

The latest fiesta hosted the attendances of Gael Clichy, captain Fabregas, Emmanuel Adebayor, Carlos Vela and many others. Luckily, one genius paparazzi was right on set for the spotting.

Enjoy the following images of your heroes boasting their swagger.

(Click image for larger view)




van persie partying

cesc partying

38 comments on “Insight: Arsenal’s party boys on show


  2. Dang… if I knew Adebayor was there; I would’ve gone there to kick his leg.

  3. Cesc looks pretty wasted on that photo…

  4. Where was this? what area?

  5. chill, they’re not even looking that drunk. gallas is even carrying a water bottle, isn’t he? where’s the pic of carlos vela btw?

  6. looks lik ade got a gun looool

  7. They should celebrate when they actually win something.

  8. almunia is in the background in cescs pic

  9. christ let em be! They are young, hell I’m young and I still go out.

    They work hard let them play hard, as long as they don’t do anything stupid. It’s good that all of them were out together. That’s a sign of a good team coming together.

    and your telling me if you were that young making that much money you wouldn’t go out trolling for ladies?

    Get real! Have fun boys you deserve it.

  10. mate these were in an English newspaper the other day im afraid…

  11. Only two of the pictures was “in an English news paper the other day”.

    I get my info straight..sort yours out first before criticism.

  12. So the F*CK what:

    Are they doing anything wrong? Are they stumbling around? NO. Let the boys have their fun. Uptight Wankers

  13. They were probably the center of attention. I wish I would’ve been there to party it up with them! Happy to see them go out as a team and bond…good chemistry! Go Gunners!

  14. I still don’t like Cesc’s jacket.

  15. They are one real party animals..lol. Anyway,Keep the spirit.” Work hard and play hard”.

  16. I know for fact that cesc, ade and persie’s pictures are old one. They were taken after hull game, after the spit spat incidence. You can’t fool me…..

  17. For those who have not seen these pictures before, its still new.

  18. I’d be worried if the lads weren’t out on the town every now and then. They’d turn into stress heads otherwise.

    For what its worth, there’s no shores in North London. lol.

    Still, I’m confused as to why Nicklas Bendtner has a curtain around his neck.

  19. hey bro thanx for the pictures!!!

  20. “They should celebrate when they actually win something.”

    Get over yourself.

  21. What is wrong with some of you people. Can’t the players the take a moment to unwind and forget about football once a while. After all, footballers are also human being.

  22. Should avoid these places. It’s a convention. If they were really cool they definitely wouldn’t go to that club. Alcohol can only do one thing to a footballer – decrease ability. If I had their ability you would never, ever catch me drinking. Granted – no proof of drinking here, but I know they do.

  23. PS Bendtner looks like a lost foreigner. Not so arrogant now !

  24. agree with you Hhhhhh, alcohol can be destructive to the players. As professional footballers, they should discipline themselves.

  25. Where is the evidence that they were drinking alcohol anyway? It is possible to go out for the night without drinking if you are professional and disciplined as these players are generally.

  26. True Passenal, there’s no evidence of them drinking alcohol but as a general rule they should know what is good or bad for them.(discipline)

  27. I was there on saturday. Clichy and Bendtner were there together and Gallas was there seperate. None of them were drinking.

  28. It’s either you lot don’t have lifes or you’re boffins all around, these guys are human after all, they went out had a laught perhaps had a few and so what? What is wrong with that? You need to wind down in your life especially if there is so much pressure on you. They deserve it and good on them, I would do the same.

    Get a grip guys please….perhaps I should remind you what Gerrard did the other week with his mate? I wonder why charges were dropped.



    You make it out as if they have done Gerrard with

  29. “Partying has become a chronic method of easing stress”


  30. Everybody is free to do what they want in their private life. Nobody can question that but freedom also comes with a sense of responsibility. Tony Adams and Paul Merson had to go for alcoholic rehabilitation. This is only one of the examples and i believe there are many more.

  31. Don’t tell me they can’t go partying. It isn’t like they came to matches drunk, they party after games. Don’t be hypocrites, you also go out at Friday/Saturday nights. Why is that they can’t?

  32. You are missing the point Progman07! Nobody said that they can’t party or can’t have a little alcohol. Everything has to be done in moderation and restrain.

  33. Gus Hiddink is a no nonsense guy. If any of his player get caught misbehaving, he will be grill to the maximum because besides matches, there is still training to attend. just ask Ashley Cole.

  34. arsenekids, you make a fair point but I don’t really see how it’s related to this. First of all, we’re not in a position to judge them in their private lives and secondly there’s no evidence of them drinking excessively so I don’t really see how your point’s related to them going out (not everyone gets hammered every time they go out).

  35. where could i see the carlos vela pic?

  36. Ger – I will try and find it..but it’s very scarce. Vela was probably dodging the cameras all that while…lol

    I hope you all appreciated these pics.!

  37. […] Insight: Arsenal’s party boys on show By Randy Osae Anxiety is gradually vanishing off the shores of north London these days but fans are barely the ones […] […]

  38. Fabregas’Dad, I am with you we should not judge people.I need to clarify I am not against partying or drinking. All I’m saying is do it with care and don’t get into trouble.

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