Clichy wishes for revenge over Barca…and Henry

By Randy Osae


Europeans dreams are on

Gael Clichy would love the prospect of meeting and conquering old foe Barcelona in this year’s Champions League final.

The Gunners were on the end of agony in Paris when Barca triumphed in 2006’s showdown.

Arsenal do have to overcome the quarter-final obstacle of Villarreal and then possibly Manchester United or Porto in the semis before facing any probabilities of a reunion final with Barcelona this season.

There are no assurances about any match-ups yet, but Clichy would really relish a chance to make up for 2006’s heartache.

The French defender said: “The final of the Champions League will be played against a top European team. But I think, and have a feeling, it will be Barcelona.

“They have so many great players. It will be good for revenge because they beat us last time. However, it is a task to go through by beating Villarreal and Manchester United.”

Should Gael be careful what he wishes for?

9 comments on “Clichy wishes for revenge over Barca…and Henry

  1. Why does gael think we will face man u..? don’t underestimate porto!

  2. Lol, Gunner is wright, Porto may win in manchester, especially now the lack of form from manchester. Still > Arsenal – Barcelona would be the best final, CLichy is wright.

  3. Longing for Arsenal to have a sweet revenge over Barcelona.

  4. Clichy,…do we need revenge over Hendry? just don’t get it.

  5. He didnt say that Arsenal need a revenge on Henry, but the one that wrote this says, only because Henry plays in Barca. If you revenge Barcelona, Henry will get it too, understand?

    Since Im fan of both teams i rly rly rly hope it will be Barca – Arsenal once again. The final of the dreams!

  6. Could have said revenge over Barca only will do. Anyway, thanks Flaav for enlightening me cos i read it at face value and took it as a separate issue.

  7. Wow Kidz…Henry will certainly not come unscathed if Barcelona gets that revenge…common sense man..LOL

  8. ya randy,silly me.lol

  9. Ok Arsenal and Barcelona final aside..

    Did you all actually realise that the Togo beanpole Emmanuel Adebayor just scored for Togo in his country’s world cut qualifier?

    Well if he is really fit and start to fire now after this period of rest.. then it might do good to arsenal’s course… Though I do not like Adebayor.. if he can provide some help then I would gladly accept it all..

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